Policy 6-01: General University Research Program
Policy 6-02: University of Delaware Research Foundation Program
Policy 6-03: External Grants
Policy 6-04: Involvement of Human Subjects in Research and Research-Related Activities
Policy 6-05: Effort Certification Reporting
Policy 6-06: Intellectual Property Protection, Ownership, and Commercialization
Policy 6-07: Copyright Processing and Funding
Policy 6-08: Transfer of Equipment Purchased on Research and Training Contracts and Grants
Policy 6-09: Computer Software
Policy 6-10: Misconduct in Research
Policy 6-11: Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedures for Faculty and Professional Staff
Policy 6-12: Policies and Procedures for Space Needed for Externally Sponsored Agreements
Policy 6-13: The Use of Animals in Research, Teaching and Testing
Policy 6-14: Grants, Research and Service Contracts Not Requiring Federal Compliance
Policy 6-15: Policy for Copyright and Fair Use Instruction
Policy 6-16: Intergovernmental Personnel Assignment (IPA)
Policy 6-17: Export Controls and Trade Sanctions
Policy 6-18: Externally Sponsored Project Cost Transfer
Policy 6-19: Cost Sharing