University of Delaware
Policies and Procedures Manual

Section: Research
Policy Number: 6-16
Policy Name: Intergovernmental Personnel Assignment (IPA)
Date: Janauary 11, 2008; September 12, 2008


    To outline the process by which faculty can request approval to accept an Intergovernmental Personnel Assignment (IPA).


    1. Faculty members wishing to engage in an IPA with a federal agency must first seek approval from their Department Chair, then the Dean and finally the Provost. Copies of this approved form will be forwarded to the Research Office from the originating department.

    2. Faculty members may not earn more than they would be eligible to earn under the current UD policy during the IPA. Any exception must be approved by the Department Chair, Dean and Provost and as well as the sponsoring agency.

    3. Assignments may be made for up to two years.

    4. Federal agencies will be billed through the Financials System in the Sponsored Programs Accounting Office.

    5. Research office personnel will work with the Faculty member to temporarily assign existing awards to other PI's as appropriate, and determine appropriateness of involvement in proposal submissions during the period under the IPA.

    Submitted by: Research Office