Policy 5-01: University Procurement
Policy 5-02: Purchase of Used Equipment and Material
Policy 5-03: Procedure for Control of Government Owned Property
Policy 5-04: Loan of University Property
Policy 5-05: Motor Pool
Policy 5-06: Use and Disposal of University Equipment and Material
Policy 5-07: Redelivery of Large Material/Equipment
Policy 5-08: Use of Graphic Communications and Campus Mail
Policy 5-09: Delivery of Toxic and/or Hazardous Materials
Policy 5-10: Class I Movable Equipment
Policy 5-11: Mail Postage Chargebacks to Departments
Policy 5-12: Reproduction of Course Materials as Coursepacks: Original Works or Anthologies
Policy 5-13: University Bookstore Services
Policy 5-17: Purchase or Lease of Copying Machines
Policy 5-18: Interdepartmental Equipment Transfer
Policy 5-19: Receiving & Delivery of Materials Delivered to the University
Policy 5-20: Vending of Food and Beverages
Policy 5-21: Equipment Screening Policy
Policy 5-22: UD Credit Card
Policy 5-23: Food & Beverage Services Policy for Academic Buildings