Update Notice: 8/2015

The following policies have been added and/or updated:

4-115 - Sexual Misconduct



Policy 4-01: Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Hiring and Recruitment Policy
Policy 4-02: Salary Policy
Policy 4-03: Compensation for Faculty on Academic Year Appointments
Policy 4-04: Contracts for Faculty and Professional Staff from Foreign Countries
Policy 4-05: Contingency Contracts for Faculty on Academic Year Appointment
Policy 4-06: Non-Tenure Track Faculty: Terms of Employment
Policy 4-07: Policy and Procedures for Teaching in Continuing Education
Policy 4-08: Winter and Summer Session Guidelines for Faculty
Policy 4-09: Summer Compensation Guidelines for Faculty
Policy 4-10: Pay for Directing Supervised Study in the Winter/Summer
Policy 4-11: Administrative/Professional Staff Teaching Assignments
Policy 4-12: University Programs for Retirement
Policy 4-13: Privileges for Retired Employees
Policy 4-14: UD#1 CARDS (University ID Cards)
Policy 4-15: Instructional Television/Media Materials Contracts
Policy 4-16: Substance Abuse Program
Policy 4-17: Policy on Solicitation or Acceptance of Gifts from Vendors or Others Doing or Seeking to do Business with the University
Policy 4-18: Access to Personnel Records
Policy 4-19: Personnel Records Retention Guidelines
Policy 4-20: FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Policy 4-21: Definitions of Full-Time, Part-Time and Temporary Miscellaneous Wage Employees
Policy 4-22: Adjunct Faculty
Policy 4-23: Extreme Weather Conditions/Power Outages
Policy 4-24: Parental Leave
Policy 4-25: Non-exempt Employees Reduced Appointment
Policy 4-26: Policy on Disclosing and Managing Senior Administrators' Financial Conflicts of Interest
Policy 4-27: Engagement of Consultants
Policy 4-28: International Activities
Policy 4-29: University Policy Against Unlawful Harassment
Policy 4-30: Benefits for Limited Term Faculty and Limited Term Professional Employees
Policy 4-31: Exempt and Non-exempt Sick Leave
Policy 4-32: Duties and Evaluations of Deans
Policy 4-33: Assisting Employees With Life-Threatening Illnesses
Policy 4-34: Nepotism
Policy 4-35: Drug-Free Workplace
Policy 4-36: Professional and Salaried Staff Less Than Full-time Employment
Policy 4-37: Family and Medical Leave
Policy 4-39: Defined Senior Professionals
Policy 4-40: Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
Policy 4-41: Professional and Salaried Staff Code of Ethics
Policy 4-42: Access to University Policies and Procedures
Policy 4-43: Professional and Salaried Staff Attendance Records
Policy 4-44: Professional and Salaried Staff Bereavement
Policy 4-45: Professional and Salaried Staff Duties of a Personal Nature
Policy 4-46: Violence Free Campus
Policy 4-47: Holidays
Policy 4-48: Worker's Compensation
Policy 4-49: Jury Duty/Court Appearance
Policy 4-50: Keys
Policy 4-51: Professional and Salaried Staff Leaves of Absence Without Pay
Policy 4-52: Liability Insurance and Indemnification DELETED 07/20/05
Policy4-53: Military Leave
Policy 4-54: Parking
Policy 4-55: Professional and Salaried Staff Performance Appraisal
Policy 4-56: Political Activity
Policy 4-57: Position Classification
Policy 4-58: Retirement
Policy 4-59: Service Awards
Policy 4-60: Professional and Salaried Staff Vacation
Policy 4-61: Annual Physical Examination Program DELETED 07/01/2007
Policy 4-62: Automobile and Homeowner Insurance
Policy 4-63: Benefits Eligibility
Policy 4-64: Blood Bank
Policy 4-65: Cooperative Tuition Exchange
Policy 4-66: Course Fee Waiver
Policy 4-67: Death Benefit Supplement
Policy 4-68: Delaware Student Fee Privilege
Policy 4-69: Dental Program
Policy 4-70: Disability (Total) Benefits Salary Continuation
Policy 4-71: Disability Income (State Pension Plan)
Policy 4-72: Disability Insurance
Policy 4-73: Flexible Benefits
Policy 4-74: Group Life Insurance
Policy 4-75: Health Care Insurance
Policy 4-76: Social Security
Policy 4-77: State Pension Retirement Plan
Policy 4-78: Tuition Exchange
Policy 4-79: Tuition Remission Program
Policy 4-80: Unemployment Compensation Insurance
Policy 4-81: Faculty and Professional University Retirement Plan
Policy 4-82: Voluntary Retirement Programs
Policy 4-83: Wellness Dollars
Policy 4-84: Professional Consultation
Policy 4-85: Professional Grievance Procedure Up to Level 15
Policy 4-86: Professional Grievance Procedure Level 16 and Up
Policy 4-87: Professional Merit Award DELETED 08/24/2002
Policy 4-88: Professional Leave
Policy 4-89: Professional Relocation Allowance DELETED
                    Duplicate to Policy 3-11: Relocation Allowance for New Faculty and Professional Members
Policy 4-90: Professional Termination of Employment/Notification
Policy 4-91: Nonexempt Staff Grievance Procedure
Policy 4-92: Salaried Staff Merit Award DELETED 08/24/2002
Policy 4-93: Salaried Staff Office Coverage
Policy 4-94: Salaried Staff Outside Employment
Policy 4-95: Salaried Staff Overtime/Compensatory Time
Policy 4-96: Salaried Staff Probationary Period
Policy 4-97: Salaried Staff Promotion Transfer
Policy 4-99: Salaried Staff Reduction in Workforce
Policy 4-100: Salaried Staff Termination
Policy 4-101: Salaried Staff Work Related Release Time
Policy 4-102: Annual Salary Increases
Policy 4-103: Retiree Benefits
Policy 4-104: Faculty and Professional Mortgage Loans
Policy 4-105: Neighborhood Mortgage Assistance Program
Policy 4-106: Home Purchase Assistance Program
Policy 4-107: Moved to Policy 3-28: Reimbursement for Employee Access to University of Delaware Internet and E-mail from Home
Policy 4-108: Indemnification of Employees and Agents Who Are Not Trustees or Officers
Policy 4-109: Alteration of Electronic Processes
Policy 4-110: Policy on Accommodations for Nursing Mothers in the Workplace
Policy 4-111: Policy on Criminal Background Checks
Policy 4-112: Expedited and Waived Search Procedures
Policy 4-113: Athletics - Vehicle and Vehicle Insurance Allowance Policy
Policy 4-114: Flexible Work Schedule
Policy 4-115: Sexual Misconduct