Policy 3-01: University Insurance Coverage
Policy 3-02: Contractual Liability
Policy 3-03: Formal Designation of Agents to Assure Liability Protection
Policy 3-04: Authority to Sign Financial Documents
Policy 3-05: Petty Cash Funds
Policy 3-06: Reporting Gifts
Policy 3-07: University Travel Policy and Business Hosting Policy
Policy 3-08: Please refer to Policy 3-7
Policy 3-09: Travel Expense for Visiting Faculty Teaching in Summer and Winter Sessions
Policy 3-10: Travel Expenses for Summer and Winter Sessions teaching off campus
Policy 3-11: Relocation Allowance for New Faculty and Professional Members
Policy 3-12: Recruiting and Moving Expenses
Policy 3-13: Payroll Policies and Procedures for Recognized Student Organizations
Policy 3-14: Travel Reimbursement Policy for Students Representing Recognized Student Organizations
Policy 3-15: Regulations Governing the Classification of Students for Tuition and Fee Purposes
Policy 3-16: Distribution of Payroll Checks and Non-Negotiable Direct Deposit Advices
Policy 3-17: Student Tuition and Fee Policies
Policy 3-18: Charging Unemployment Compensation Costs
Policy 3-19: Financial Incentives and Risk-Sharing for Cooperative Professional and Continuing Studies Programs
Policy 3-20: Supplemental Financial and Risk-Sharing: Cooperative Professional and Continuing Studies with Off-Campus Organizations
Policy 3-21: Cash Receipts Policy
Policy 3-22: Vacant Line Policy
Policy 3-23: Policy on Gifts, Mementos and In-Kind Services to External Parties
Policy 3-25: Direct Deposit of Pay
Policy 3-26: Credit Card Policy
Policy 3-27: University Rental Housing
Policy 3-28: Reimbursement for Employee Access to University of Delaware Internet and E-mail from Home
Policy 3-29: Red Flag Identity Theft Prevention Program
Policy 3-30: Rules on Access to Public Records under the Delaware Freedom of Information Act
Policy 3-31: Banking/Financial Services