Section: Financial
Policy Number: 3-20
Policy Name: Supplemental Financial and Risk-Sharing Policy: Cooperative Professional and Continuing Studies Programs with Off-Campus Organizations
Date: February 1, 1980
Revisions: March 1996; July 1, 2005


    To stimulate the expansion of cooperative University of Delaware Professional and Continuing Studies activity with off-campus groups such as professional societies, community and cultural organizations, and other educational institutions.


    1. A proposal for a program must be submitted to the Assistant Provost for Professional and Continuing Studies by a professional member of the Division.

    2. The Assistant Provost will review the proposed project and after giving it preliminary approval, will submit it for approval by the chair and/or dean of the academic unit to which the content area of the proposal most directly relates.

    3. Upon final approval by the appropriate chair and/or dean and the Director, a memorandum of agreement will be prepared by the professional member and submitted to the off-campus organization involved. The agreement will include 1) a detailed budget, including the time of all professionals and staff personnel to be included in the budget as direct costs or a fixed indirect cost recover rate, 2) program details, 3) time period of agreement, 4) cancellation privileges, and 5) specific financial arrangements, i.e., 50/50 sharing of any surplus or deficit remaining after all budgeted expenses (or direct costs) have been paid.

    4. The memorandum will be submitted to the off-campus organization for formal approval.


    1. The off-campus organizations to which this policy applies will be limited to professional organizations and other nonprofit organizations whose primary objective or function is educational or cultural.

    2. This policy will be initiated only when no other avenue is open with the off-campus organization for cooperative development or resource sharing.

    3. The Division of Professional and Continuing Studies will be the fiscal agent for the agreement and will collect and dispense funds in accordance with University of Delaware accounting practices.

Submitted by: Vice Provost for Academic and International Programs