Policy 2-01: Use of University Facilities by On-Campus Groups
Policy 2-02: Use of University Facilities by Off-Campus Groups
Policy 2-03: Use of General Purpose Classrooms
Policy 2-04: Guidelines for the Use of University Facilities for Activities in Support of a Political Party or Political Candidates
Policy 2-05: Use of University Bulletin Boards
Policy 2-06: Library Policies Affecting Faculty
Policy 2-07: Guests and Visitors Use of the Student Center
Policy 2-08: Use of Carpenter Sports Building by University Groups
Policy 2-09: Off-Campus Use of University Property by University Personnel
Policy 2-10: moved to Policy 3-27
Policy 2-13: Consumption of Alcohol on Campus
Policy 2-14: Telephone and Cellular Regulations
Policy 2-16: Animals in University Buildings
Policy 2-17: Facility Systems
Policy 2-18: Policy 2-18 replaced by Policy 2-22
Policy 2-19: Plaques and Signage
Policy 2-20: University Key/Access Card Control
Policy 2-21: Sales and Solicitations on Campus
Policy 2-22: Tobacco-Free Policy