Section: Facilities
Policy Number: 2-7
Policy Name: Guests and Visitors Use of the Student Center
Date: April 15, 1975
Revisions: June 5, 1989; April 1, 1996; August 16, 2006


    To insure the use of the Student Centers for members of the University community and their guests.


    The University has adapted the following procedure for implementing the policy for guests and visitors in the Student Centers:

    1. An invited guest is one who can be identified as having been extended an invitation to visit the Student Centers by the University, a University department, University recognized student organizations, or a member of the University for a specific occasion, conference, special function, tour, or official visit or program taking place either Student Center.

    2. A guest who is invited by a member of the University to visit the Student Centers as described in (a) above is limited in his/her visit to the specific occasion for which he/she was invited and that he/she must be accompanied by his/her host while in the Student Centers.

    3. A visitor is one who occasionally uses the Student Centers' services and facilities and is uninvited.

    4. An individual making regular and repeated use of the Student Centers and its immediate environs (patios and parking lots) for illegal purposes will not be regarded as an invited guest or visitor and will be asked to leave the University property.

Submitted by: Director of the Student Centers