Policy 1-01: General Information
Policy 1-03: Institutional and Individual Memberships in Professional Associations
Policy 1-04: University Computer and Network Services to Non-University Users
Policy 1-05: Facilities Renovation and Space Assignment
Policy 1-06: Procedures for Developing Short Term Institutes
Policy 1-07: Policy: Office of University Publications *Deleted*
Policy 1-08: Governing Professional and Continuing Education Activities of the University
Policy 1-10: University Archives and Records Management Program
Policy 1-11: Policy on University Seal
Policy 1-12: Registered University Trademarks and Service Marks
Policy 1-13: Departmental Information and Records Management Policies
Policy 1-14: Policy for Responsible Computing at the University of Delaware
Policy 1-15: Information Security Policy
Policy 1-16: Employee Use of Computing Resources for Home Pages
Policy 1-17: Solicitation and Gift Processing Guidelines
Policy 1-18: Electronic Mail Management and Retention
Policy 1-19: Employees' Use of E-Communication
Policy 1-20: Policy for Wireless Computing at the University of Delaware
Policy 1-21: Policy for Use of University-Wide Electronic Mailing Lists
Policy 1-22: Personal Non-Public Information (PNPI) Policy
Policy 1-23: Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Information Security Program
Policy 1-24: Policy for Advertising on the University of Delaware website
Policy 1-25: Policy for the Use of Social Media on UD-hosted sites
Policy 1-26: Policy on Privacy of Donor Data