Discover how a personal trainer can help you get results and stay motivated!

Personal training provides one-on-one expert guidance. Our staff holds national certifications with ACSM and ACE and have educational backgrounds in Exercise Science, Kinesiology and other health and science related fields. Let us develop an individualized plan based on your personal fitness goals.

Personal Training
Personal Training provides one-on-one expert guidance, can help keep you motivated, and can help you get the results you want. Our staff holds national certifications, as well as educational backgrounds in the field. After a short consultation, a trainer will create a unique workout based on your goals, and walk you through the workout step by step.

Personal Training: 1 session
Cost: $15 Wellness Dollars
Whether you are new to the exercise world or are a seasoned pro looking to change up your routine, our staff will work with you to develop a workout based on your goals and interests. During this 1 hour appointment, a trainer will discuss your fitness goals and develop a routine for you. Your trainer will go through the entire routine with you, ensuring you have proper form and fully understand each exercise. Plans can be developed for your use in the Employee Fitness Center, at home, or anything in between.

Personal Training: 3 sessions (available September 15 - May 15)
Cost: $40 Wellness Dollars
Similar to the one session package, you will discuss your fitness goals with a trainer and receive a personalized routine. Two additional sessions will be scheduled based on what you and your trainer feel is appropriate. Some clients new to exercising may choose to come more often for more guidance, while some clients may choose to spread their sessions out monthly.

Fitness Assessment
Cost: $15 Wellness Dollars
During this hour-long appointment, a series of tests will be done to determine your overall fitness level. Your results will be compared to national norms for your gender and age. You will receive a comprehensive report of your strengths and weaknesses, which can be an effective tool in planning your physical activity routine. During a fitness assessment, the following will be measured:

    • BMI (Height & Weight)
    • Resting heart rate & blood pressure
    • Body Composition (Percent body fat): using skinfold calipers
    • Aerobic Capacity: using a 3-minute step test
    • Muscular Strength: pushups
    • Muscular Endurance: timed sit-ups
    • Flexibility: a sit & reach test

Fitness Assessment & 1 Personal Training Package
Cost: $25 Wellness Dollars
After completing a Fitness Assessment, a comprehensive report of your results will allow you to better design your exercise routine. By looking at your strengths and weaknesses, you and your trainer will develop a more effective workout to help you reach your needs and areas of interest. We recommend this be done in 2 separate sessions, as each part takes about 1 hour.

Body Composition
Cost: $5 Wellness Dollars
Did you know muscle is denser than fat? A muscular person may appear lean, but can actually weigh more on the scale. Our weight on the scale only tells a small part of our story. Using skinfold calipers, our staff will measure your body fat at three different sites, giving you a more accurate depiction of your body composition. A trainer will work with you to discuss getting your body composition into a health range, making for a healthier you.

Schedule your Personal Training appointment

The process is simple:

    • Log in to HealthyU to register for the service(s) you would like.
    • Fill out a short health & fitness questionnaire for Trainer review. Return completed forms  to the HealthyU office via campus mail (124 CSB) or fax to 831-3303.

Once your forms are received and a trainer has reviewed them, we will contact you to schedule your appointment. Important: No appointments will be scheduled without completed forms first being received.