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We know that each student has unique interests and talents to bring to their communities. Throughout your time at UD, we hope to highlight those strengths to help you achieve success. We plan to do this through your participation in the Strengths Community!

CliftonStrengths is an online assessment tool used to discover and develop your greatest talents. It serves as a guide to help students identify their Top 5 Strengths to achieve success during their time at UD!

CliftonStrengths is a great way to understand what you do well and how to apply those talents authentically and productively to succeed in your academic, career, and relationships at UD and beyond. Once you take the CliftonStrengths inventory, you can learn how to apply your Strengths to help set goals around time management, academics, career exploration, and leadership development.

Multiple offices on campus use CliftonStrengths as a tool to complement our programs and experiences, giving us a common language to help students and others better understand themselves and maximize their potential.

All incoming First Year students can take the CliftonStrengths inventory by visiting udstrengths.gallup.com. It takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

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Students who take the inventory will have access to resources including:


  • Workshops to understand the framework and benefits of a Strengths-based approach
  • Social events to help meet other students, discuss their Top 5 Strengths and make new connections
  • One on one meetings with a Trained Strengths Coach to discuss their top 5 report and how to apply their strengths to achieve success at UD
  • Workshops geared towards leadership development, academic success and career exploration





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