COVID-19 Precautions

On campus, our students' safety is our highest priority.  Due to the precautions we were able to take, we welcome about 4,000 students to live on campus this spring, or about 60% of capacity.


Students’ residence hall assignments were made with a focus on reducing density and decreasing potential spread of COVID-19. Protocols such as designated interior traffic flow patterns and guidelines on use of shared spaces such as bathrooms and lounges  have been enacted to support these efforts. UD has hired additional custodial staff members to allow for multiple daily cleanings in each hall.


In addition, Quarantine & Isolation housing is free and available for students who need a place to relocate due to public health recommendations provided by Student Health Services.


Keep up-to-date with our quarantine and isolation usage via the COVID-19 dashboard. Whenever possible,get tested for COVID-19 at either of our indoor testing locations: Harker ISE Labor Clayton Hall. Make an appointment today!



Quarantine and Isolation Process



Quarantine and Isolation

Individuals will be asked to quarantine or isolate to Protect The Flock by minimizing preventable COVID-19 transmission within our community. Students who need to quarantine or isolate will be contacted directly by staff at Student Health Services or Residence Life & Housing.

Quarantine separates people who are awaiting test results or were exposed to COVID-19 from the general population in order to monitor whether or not they become sick. Isolation separates people who have tested positive for COVID-19 and may be contagious from others who are not sick.


Students whose current housing situation (on or off campus) does not allow them to properly quarantine or isolate will be asked to relocate to one of our designated on-campus spaces. Any on-campus student who is asked to relocate will not be permitted to stay in their current space, but can choose whether or not they would like to move to the space we provide or to a suitable off-campus alternative.  

  • Students who test positive for COVID-19 will generally need to isolate for a minimum of 10 days or until cleared by Student Health Services based on their unique circumstances.

  • If a student enters Quarantine due to an exposure to someone with COVID-19, they will need to quarantine for 14 days due to the incubation period of the virus.

  • If a student enters  Quarantine due to symptoms or pending test results, they will need to quarantine until they are cleared by Student Health Services

  • It depends! Students whose current housing situation (on or off campus) does not allow them to properly quarantine or isolate will be provided the option to relocate to one of our designated spaces. 

  • Students who live in on-campus apartments with a private bathroom can quarantine or isolate in their original space, but can choose to move if they wish. All other on-campus students must leave their original space to quarantine or isolate, but can choose whether or not they would like to move to our designated spaces or to a suitable off-campus alternative.

Yes, but we ask that students call Student Health services so they can discuss these arrangements and take note of the new location in case of an emergency. Please notify the QA on-call or let your case manager know of your departure 24 hours prior to leaving campus.

  • All quarantine and isolation spaces have a private bedroom, private bathroom, refrigerator, microwave, oven/stove, washer/dryer, in addition to standard furnishings (full-size bed, desk, chair, closet)

  • The supplies we provide include sheets, a small blanket, towel, toilet paper, tissues, garbage bags, toiletry kit, disinfecting wipes, and a snack bag. Extras of these items are all available upon request as well as a limited supply of emergency items in case you forgot something - just ask!

  • Students should bring their own pillow, comforter/blanket, academic materials electronic devices and chargers, medications, and anything else to make them feel comfortable during their stay.

After confirming their plans to relocate to a quarantine or isolation space, students will have the option to coordinate a pick-up time with UD Transportation to ensure safe and timely arrival at their assigned space.

Students who are able to drive themselves to their assigned space are free to do so and do not need to utilize UD Transportation. In this case, students will be asked to provide their vehicle information to staff in order to ensure they can utilize nearby parking on campus.

While in

Quarantine and Isolation

Students will receive a welcome email upon entering on campus Quarantine or Isolation housing. 

Each Blue Hen has a responsibility to help Protect the Flock! While living in quarantine or isolation, it is important that students abide by the following procedures to contribute to the health and safety of our community. Any failure to adhere to the items below will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.

  • Students are not permitted to leave their assigned room unless instructed by Residence Life & Housing or other University personnel or in case of an emergency

  • Guests are prohibited from entering any quarantine or isolation facilities

  • A face covering must be worn before answering the door

  • Students are permitted to receive deliveries directly to their apartment door. The delivering party mst drop these items and leave promptly. 

  • It is possible that students will be assigned an apartment-mate during their time in Q/I. If this is the case, they must wear a mask and social distance while in any common space. They should not be in the common space beyond the amount of time it takes to complete a task, such as retrieving something from the refrigerator or heating a meal (up to 15 minutes)
  • Place all trash and recycling in a closed garbage bag outside in the main hallway. Pick-up is scheduled for 9:00am each morning.
  • A violation of any of these responsibilities may result in a referral to the Office of Student Conduct

Meal & Snack Orders

Students living in quarantine and isolation spaces can order meals, provided by University of Delaware Dining Services. In a student’s welcome email, information is provided to assist students through the ordering process, which includes order forms for meals and snacks.  All students in quarantine and isolation spaces are also permitted to order outside food to be delivered in a contactless fashion (right to their door) and may also bring food with them if they choose.


Meal Deliveries

Meals will be delivered daily around 5pm, and include that night’s dinner along with breakfast and lunch the next day and any requested snacks (all based on the student’s order).


Paying for Meals

Students with an existing meal plan will have meals deducted directly from their meal plan. Students without an existing meal plan can pay using flex or points, or have orders billed to their student account through Student Financial Services. If students have a financial hardship and need assistance in paying for meals during their stay, they can email the Dean of Students Office at


Departing Quarantine & Isolation

Once the quarantine or isolation period has ended, students will return to their regularly assigned space. Students will be sent instructions to plan for their departure in an exit email provided from Residence Life & Housing. This exit email will be sent to students 24-48 hours prior to their planned departure date. Students in isolation must be cleared by Student Health Services before leaving.

At the start of your quarantine or isolation period, Student Health Services will notify you of the anticipated duration of your stay. These dates however are subject to change based on development and progression of your symptoms or additional information about your exposure. All students who test positive for COVID-19 are not permitted to leave the isolation space until they are cleared by Student Health Services..

It depends. In most cases, students must complete the full duration of their quarantine or isolation even if a negative test is received. However, circumstances vary due to  symptoms, exposure, timing, and test results. All decisions regarding length of isolation or quarantine are made by staff at the Student Health Center (302-831-2226).

Students should complete the following as they plan to leave:

  • Clear all food and beverages from the refrigerator

  • Pick up any trash or discarded items from the apartment and put them in a trash bag outside in the main hallway

  • Leave the fob on the desk in your bedroom

  • Turn off all lights and close all windows

  • Ensure all belongings are packed; any supplies provided are for students to take or throw away

  • On the day of departure, call the Quarantine Assistant if transportation is needed.

  • Upon leaving, be sure to wear a face covering and practice social distancing.

Support for Students in Quarantine & Isolation

Student Health Services

Student Health Services is open Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM - 5 PM. Students call to make appointments at (302) 831-2226.

The Aetna After-Hours Nurse Medical Advice Line is a 24/7 hotline that is also available for UD students with any immediate needs and questions by calling (800) 681-3957.

Center for Counseling and Student Development (CCSD)

Counseling Services are available to all students. CCSD is open from Monday to Friday 8 AM - 5 PM by calling 302-831-2141. After hours Counseling Services/Crisis support is available 24/7 by calling 302-831-1001.

Quarantine & Isolation FAQ

If you have questions not answered here, please contact our Quarantine Managers Joe & Lauren via email.

Students will be given permission to leave their assigned space for medical appointments and required testing as coordinated by Student Health Services. To ensure everyone’s safety, you must notify Residence Life & Housing prior to leaving the space.

Yes! We have staff that would be happy to pick up any essential belongings from your assigned room. Please refer back to your welcome email for the Quarantine Assistant duty phone number and give them a call.

Packages should not be ordered directly to your quarantine/isolation space. You can order packages to your original room assignment and retrieve all items upon your return. To request an exception to have someone retrieve an urgent item, please call the Quarantine Assistant on-call.

Contact your instructor or professor regarding your upcoming absence(s) and ask for support. They may ask you to work with the Assistant Dean of your college for an excused absence. The Assistant Dean’s office can support you with next steps.

  • All students should visit the virtual activities on the Student Centers website and follow @stUDentevents on Instagram to see what opportunities are available to engage with programmatic offerings while in this temporary space. 

  • The support options we provide in the section above also give you the opportunity to connect with other students, peer mentors, and staff. In quarantine and isolation housing, Quarantine Assistants host weekly virtual programs that all students can attend! Check your email for invitations to these events.

  • Students who live on campus can keep in touch with their building or floor community through virtual community meetings, student-initiated programs (SIPs), and RA Catch-Ups that can all be held virtually. Refer to your Residence Hall Coordinator’s (RHC) Weekly Newsletter for more information about upcoming events!

Yes! If you need one of these spaces, please let the Quarantine Manager know when they talk to you about the move-in process.

For any concerns regarding your space, please contact the Quarantine Assistant (QA). In your welcome email, the 24/7 duty phone number for the QA is provided for both quarantine and isolation housing. Our quarantine and isolation team will work immediately to identify a solution or move you to a suitable space.

If you are staying in your room as instructed but would normally go to the dining hall for meals, you are able to instead complete a form to designate someone else to use your meal plan to pick up a meal for you. Please contact your Resident Assistant (RA) for details, or access the form here. If you do need to enter a quarantine space, you would order meals to be delivered to you and would not utilize this process.

Daily Health Check & Testing Info

COVID-19 Screening Test This way blue sign on Laird Campus bridge

Weekly COVID-19 surveillance testing is required for all students who live on campus. Testing appointments can be scheduled Monday through Thursday at the Harker ISE Lab and Clayton Hall. Any students with possible COVID symptoms (fever, chills, body aches, cough, sore throat, headache, loss of taste/smell, nausea/vomiting/diarrhea) should contact Student Health Services (302-831-2226) to schedule an appointment to be tested at Laurel Hall. Further testing information or additional options can be found on the Student Health Services website. 



Ask Dr. Dowling

In this video series, we ask physician and director of Student Health Services, Dr. Tim Dowling, how we can stay healthy, safe and well during COVID-19 while living on campus.


Residence Life & Housing is part of the Division of Student Life, which contributes and facilitates critical learning and development within healthy, inclusive and supportive communities, so that all students may thrive at UD and beyond.