Third Party Recruiting



Definitions of Third Party Agencies:

Third Party Agencies are organizations or individuals that recruit candidates for part-time or full-time employment opportunities for other organizations rather than for their own organizations’ internal hiring needs.

Third Party Recruiting Policy:

The University of Delaware utilizes The NACE Principles for Third-Party Recruiters.  For organizations who wish to post third-party opportunities with the University of Delaware Career Services Center database, Handshake, the organization must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Third-party recruiters operate in congruence with the university policy of Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action and do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, religion, sex, handicap, or national origin.  An employer or agency using the services of Career Services understands that compliance with all related federal and state statutes and regulations is required for initiation or continuance of Career Services.

  • Third-party recruiters will abide by the Principles for Third-Party Recruiters as described in the NACE Principles for Professional Practice.

  • Third-party recruiter must agree to disclose the name of the employer, as well as the position description. The client's name should appear in the title of the position.

o    All positions posted by third-party recruiters without the client name will be deleted from the system.

  • Students and alumni will not be charged a fee for the third-party recruiter's services.

  • The third-party recruiter can be listed as the contact for student/alumni cover letters and resumes.

  • If a student or alumnus is not selected for the specific position listed in Handshake, his/her resume will not be put into the recruiter's general pool of candidates without the written consent of the individual. Failure to comply with this is a violation of The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.

  • Third-party recruiters are eligible to participate in the Career Fair ONLY IF they are recruiting for their own respective organization OR they explicitly state the company they are representing at the time of the fair. 

In addition, please take note of Handshake’s Third Party Recruiter Guidelines:


Third Party Recruiter Guidelines

Handshake is excited to offer as many career opportunities to students as possible, including those offered by third party recruiters. However, we do not permit outside services from bulk collecting student data, employer data, job descriptions, or other marketplace information through the use of automated scripts (“scraping”) or similar technologies or methodologies. Third party recruiters are also prohibited from requiring students to create an account on a third-party platform unaffiliated with the company or brand providing the employment role. Any violation of these, or any other Terms, at our discretion, may result in suspension or termination of the account(s) associated with you or your recruitment service.

Third Party Recruiter Services:

Career Services will promote the job and pertinent information using normal communication channels through Handshake. The third-party recruiters will be listed as the contact and identified as an employment agency.

Temporary agencies or staffing services are employers, not third-party recruiters, and will be expected to comply with the professional conduct principles set forth for employer professionals. These are organizations that contract to provide individuals qualified to perform specific tasks or complete specific projects for a client organization. Individuals perform work at the client organization, but are employed and paid by the agency.

In most cases, temporary agencies, staffing services, outsourcing contractors, or leasing firms will be treated as employers.  However, should these firms actually recruit individuals to be employees of another organization, then the third-party professional practice principles shall apply.

This policy will remain in effect for all positions posted through the third-party recruiter. The UD Career Services Center reserves the right to terminate an employer account or not post positions on behalf of the Third-Party Recruiter.

Updated: 07/05/2017

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