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What We've Done

ACPA Commission for Housing and Residence Life Departmental Excellence in Sustainability Award

The University of Delaware Department of Residence Life received national recognition for its commitment to sustainable practices, responsible growth and management, and education and conservation. This award highlighted the work that the Environmental Sustainability Committee has done and continues to do to incorporate environmentally sustainable practices and education into the residence halls.

Bulletin Board Swap Program

In order to be more environmentally friendly and conserve resources, resident assistants have created a bulletin board swap program. Resident Assistants can donate a bulletin board and swap for another donated bulletin board to share information, materials, and efforts.

Fall Art Show

During the months of September and October, Upper division complexes participated in the Fall Art Show. Residential students were encouraged to submit art composed of environmentally sustainable materials. These pieces were then judged and top selections were featured at Art Under the Stars hosted by Central Complex.

Green Art Expo

Last year first year students were encouraged to present their sustainable art. One category focused on paintings promoting sustainability while the second category challenged students to create art from sustainable materials. The winning piece, a fashion-forward dress, showcased student creativity and a commitment to the environment.

Green Teams

Green teams, groups of student volunteers in each complex, arranged a number of programs and discussions focused on environmental sustainability across campus. The Green Teams are a great venue for dedicated students and students who just want to know more about how they can lessen their environmental impact.

To learn more about Green Teams, visit the Green Teams website.

Kill-A-Watt Program

In 2012, Residence Life & Housing purchased meters to begin monitoring energy usage in the residence halls. This program was piloted in one complex and gave students a way to gauge their personal impact and how small changes, such as unplugging dormant electronics, can save energy.


Each year UD participates in a national competition that measures the amount the campus recycles. This competition was used to create an in-house competition during which complexes competed for the most pounds of recycled materials.

Single Stream Recycling

In 2009, UD introduced Single Stream Recycling, in which students can dispose of all recyclable materials in the same receptacle. The Residence Life & Housing Environmental Sustainability Committee continued to educate students about the proper usage of Single Stream Recycling in their residence hall room.

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