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Residence Hall Access

Upon check-in, residents receive an access card/fob for their building and other designated areas and a key to their room/mailbox. Duplication of any University keys, including room keys, is prohibited by the code of conduct. For security reasons, it is recommended that students not carry their University ID together with their access card/fob and room key in the event of loss.

Lost Cards/Fobs

Students who lose or misplace their access card/fob must obtain a new card/fob from the Residence Life staff. Their original card/Fob will be deactivated immediately. The new card/fob will become the resident's permanent card/fob and the charge will be $18.00 (2012-2013 rates).

Lost Keys

Students who lose or misplace their key may sign out a spare key from the Residence Life staff, which must be returned within 48 hours. The charge for a core change during regular business hours is $80.00 (2012-2013 rates). For personal safety, when keys and identification are lost together, an emergency lock core change must be initiated. Students should contact their Residence Life staff or University Police to initiate this lock core change. The charge for an emergency lock core change done after 4:30pm Monday - Sunday is $115.00 (2012-2013 rates).


Students must return access cards/fobs and room keys to the Residence Life staff at the end of fall, winter and spring semesters or if they move out of their residence hall room during the semester. For security reasons, if cards/fobs or keys are not returned within the required time frame, access cards/fobs are considered lost and are deactivated, locks on doors are changed, and residents are billed accordingly.

Spare Keys

Repetitive use of spare keys or cards is an unsafe practice. Any student who checks out more than four spares a semester may face student conduct action.

Damaged Cards

Students who damage or deface their access card/fob will be billed $18.00 (2012-2013 rates).

To review the official Facilities policy on keys and access cards/fobs, visit the Facilities website.