Kathleen Kerr

Rebecca Krylow

Complex Coordinator

(302) 831-3003

My Responsibilities

Directly supervise two professional Residence Hall Coordinators. Indirectly supervise 28 Resident Assistants, including two Mentor Resident Assistants and one Student Engagement Advisor. Partner with staff to create thriving communities throughout 10 traditional-style residence halls for upper-division students. Communities include substance-free, honors, and all-female. Serve on, and lead, a variety of departmental committes - mainly focusing on environmental sustainability, student engagement, and student-staff professional development. Serve as a Hearing Officer in the Office of Student Conduct.

Where I Can Help

  • Student-staff development
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Creating engaging and creative staff training sessions

Educational Background

  • B.A., Communication, University of Delaware '06
  • M.A., Communication, University of Delaware '08

Arrival to UD


Previous Positions Held

Graduate Hall Director, University of Delaware

Points of Pride

  • Environmental Sustainability, Strategic Plan Implementation Team Chair
  • Outstanding New Professional, ACPA, 2011
  • My sons, Joseph Paul and Emil Franklin
  • My husband, Joseph Emil

Favorite Thing To Do Around Newark?

    I am always, always, in the mood for two things:

  1. Bubble Tea
  2. A trip to the store Marshall's

Life Outside UD

I'm chasing around my son, or husband, watching Bravo, browsing Pinterest, or listing items to sell on eBay.