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University of Delaware Research Foundation (UDRF)


The University of Delaware Research Foundation (UDRF) is a private corporation, chartered in 1955, to support UD research. Early career, untenured, and tenure-track faculty in the sciences and engineering are eligible for annual grants of up to $25,000. Awards include $15,000 in UDRF funding, which is matched by $5,000 from the provost and $5,000 from the awardee's respective dean. Visit the Research Office funding site for additional funding opportunities.

A research committee of distinguished scientists, physicians, and engineers governs the foundation. Meetings are hosted semiannually by the UD Research Office.
For more information, contact or (302) 831-2136.


Due Dates for UDRF Funding

2012 UDRF Awardees

  • Simulating kinetic energy dissipation by wind turbines — Cristina Archer, School of Marine Sci & Policy
  • Survival in the plankton: neural integration of chemical and visual information in a larval crab — Jonathan Cohen, School of Marine Sci & Policy
  • Bacterial Cell Wall Remodeling: A Tool for Studying Mammalian Innate Immune Activation — Catherine Grimes, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Role of Non-terrestrial Phosphorus Sources in Eutrophication in the Chesapeake Bay — Deb Jaisi, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • Thio-Ether Nucleic Acid (TNA) Arrays for Rapid Detection of Genetic Disease —Christopher Kloxin, College of Engineering
  • Multi-mode degradable hydrogels for controlled in situ therapeutic release — April Kloxin, College of Engineering
  • TDRD7 function in mammalian eye development and disease — Salil Lachke, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Detection of Osteoarthritis at Early Stage — Xin Lu, College of Engineering
  • Compressive Super Resolution Imaging — Edward Lyman, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Microbially-mediated detection and repair of damaged concrete — Julia Maresca, College of Engineering
  • The Path Less Taken: Understanding the Experience of Black Pre-Medical Students — Michalec Barret, College of Arts & Sciences

2011 UDRF Awardees

  • Labeling the party wallflowers: use of laser dissection to interrogate low-activity estuarine microorganisms — Jennifer Biddle, Marine Science & Policy, College of Earth, Ocean & Environment
  • Novel Nanoporous Cathode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries— Feng Jiao, Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering
  • Creating efficient and modern software tools for plant breeders in developing countries—Jong-Soo Lee, Food & Resource Economics, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • Electrocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Chemical Fuels—Joel Rosenthal, Chemistry & Biochemistry, College of Arts & Sciences
  • DNA methylation changes associated with early-life experiences—Tanya Roth, Psychology, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Quantitative Acoustic Emission Monitoring for Reinforced Concrete Bridges—Thomas Schumacher, Civil & Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering
  • Dolphin sound studies in the Xiamen Waters—Aijun Song, Physical Ocean Science & Engineering, College of Earth, Ocean & Environment
  • Proteomic approach in identifying conserved microRNA gene targets—Jia Song, Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Energy balance in infants with 'rapid' versus 'normal' weight gain —Jillian Trabulsi, Behavioral Health & Nutrition, College of Health Sciences
  • Efficient Energy and Thermal Management through Application- and Architecture-Specific Optimizations—Chengmo Yang, Electrical & Computer Engineering, College of Engineering
  • Tracing Land-derived Nitrogen into Inland Bays Macroalgae: A Stable Isotopic Assessment—Joanna York, Marine Science & Policy, College of Earth, Ocean & Environment