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There is a massive amount of data and surveys, including our own research, that indicates there is a huge pent up demand and opportunity for tremendous impact by empowering women students and women in the community to achieve greater success in entrepreneurial activities. Women are disadvantaged in entrepreneurship enrollment, networking, venture capital raises and access to resources, yet they desire to make societal impact and achieve financial success and control of their lives. It is estimated that several trillions of global economic impact is left on table by leaving women behind in the entrepreneurial equation.

WE Hatch seeks to unleash the potential of creative, innovative and entrepreneurial women through curriculum, programming, mentorship, and venture funding support.

Women entrepreneurs are a sizable community, and they experience the entrepreneurial journey differently.

Gail Ball Associate Director, WE Hatch

Women entrepreneurs are a sizable community, and they experience the entrepreneurial journey differently.

Gail Ball Associate Director, WE Hatch

Our Commitment

WE Hatch seeks to advance creative, innovative and entrepreneurial women within UD and the broader community.

Our goals include:

  1. Attract and grow student, faculty and community engagement
  2. Optimize opportunity for women to realize their full potential as innovators and value creators
  3. Deliver economic and societal benefits for women and those they impact
  • Broaden career choices through entrepreneurial skills and mindset
  • Succeeding in male dominated industries, such as STEM/Business
  • Successful value proposition and business model design
  • Networking support
  • Apprenticeship and mentorship
  • New venture creation support
  • Career change or re-start
  • Intra-preneurship
  • New venture launch
  • Scaling ventures
  • STEM innovation
  • Upward networking
  • Access to resources, including capital

Engagement Opportunities

Professional Development Workshops

WE Hatch Professional Development Series (PDS) has been purpose built to advance early- to mid-career professional women in/into intrapreneurial roles with established companies and entrepreneurial roles with nascent ventures. The PDS consists of best-practices-based workshops that are designed to unlock women’s value creation potential by helping them to overcome implicit biases, gain support, acquire resources and rapidly move their most promising ideas forward. 


WE Hatch Honor Circle

The Honor Circle recognizes women – our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, colleagues and co-workers - who have inspired and continue to inspire us and those closest to them with their creativity, ingenuity, innovative spirit and entrepreneurial aptitude. Nominations for 2022 are being accepted until February 25, 2022.

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Thank you to our sponsors


  • Tricia Monnig and Laura Gasiorowski

    Lerner Staff Awards

    May 16, 2022 | Horn Entrepreneurship
    At the Lerner Staff Meeting on April 22, two members of Horn Entrepreneurship were recognized for their contributions to the Lerner community throughout the year.
  • Women Game Changers: Welcoming New Members of the WE Hatch Honor Circle

    March 29, 2022 | Written by Horn Entrepreneurship
    University of Delaware Horn Entrepreneurship honored 13 newly inducted women into the WE Hatch Honor Circle, which celebrates women who are supporting and helping each other overcome the unique challenges faced by women innovators.
  • Versogen Looks to Launch Game-Changing Technology in Reducing Carbon Emission

    February 14, 2022 | Written by Vanessa Spence
    Lan Wang was a UD graduate student and postdoc, now Versogen’s Director of New Chemistry and Cofounder, who led the effort to scale the world’s leading polymer membrane technologies for converting water into green hydrogen. Green hydrogen because renewable solar or wind sourced electricity is used to free the hydrogen from water molecules (H2O).