Graduate Program


Discover Your Untapped Potential

The entrepreneurship and design program focuses on learning and practicing evidence-based entrepreneurship. Students are immersed in a culture of collaborative learning with faculty from three colleges, seasoned entrepreneurs and industry leaders and experts. Graduates search for innovative ways to maximize the value of their diverse backgrounds and skills.

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Exceptional Outcomes

We believe all students can develop into leaders, impassioned agents for change and proprietors of groundbreaking solutions. Grad students leverage their creativity and problem-solving skills to create their own outcomes. Some blaze their own trail by launching a startup while others provide unique value to existing organizations. Whatever their path, these students have learned to recognize and seize opportunity.

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The Graduate Experience

Cohesive community

The ENTD program features limited enrollment, providing students the opportunity to engage and connect with their peers over the course of their studies. Graduates are able to develop meaningful relationships with faculty, staff and local entrepreneurs.


Beyond the classroom

All graduate students are given 24-hour access to the Venture Development Center (VDC), the collaborative workspace of UD’s entrepreneurial community. The VDC serves as a hub to work, connect and meet with peers and experts to develop and refine ideas. Students are given the opportunity to participate in community pitch events, university-wide funding competitions and other venture-related contests.

SHIO, Abhishek Iyer and James Heck

Freedom to pursue your own interests

The master’s program provides students the skills and resources to forge their own path and maximize the value of their background and undergraduate degree. Regardless of whether students possess an idea or develop one in their time within the program, students are encouraged to further explore what matters most to them.

Connection to Resources

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