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Web Templates

Web templates are for use by all individuals who create or maintain University of Delaware Web pages (part of the domain). They are designed to strengthen UD's Web presence and to advance our institutional branding efforts, as outlined in the UD Brand Style Guide - available as an interactive .pdf or a downloadable .pdf (7 MB)

As part of a ongoing effort to provide standardized page regions through the UD Web Modules project, the header system has been released in (3) colors. As seen in the footer section of these examples, The UD footer now bears the primary logo with the "Dare to be first" tagline.

Server-Side Templates

Seal Blue page template
Example: seal-blue-930px.html seal-blue-fluid.html
Download template: seal-blue-930px.html seal-blue-fluid.html
Seal Tan page template
Example: seal-tan-930px.html seal-tan-fluid.html
Download template: seal-tan-930px.html seal-tan-fluid.html
Seal White page template
Example: seal-white-930px.html seal-white-fluid.html
Download template: seal-white-930px.html seal-white-fluid.html

Form to Request a header graphic

The official web header features a graphic horizontal representation of the University's name that works well in the limited space available on a web page.

Colleges and vice-president-level offices may use the one-line University of Delaware web header OR a two-line web header whose second line indicates the college or office. All other University units must use the one-line UD web header.

Note: 2-line Headers may be requested in any of the (3) colors.


Stand-Alone Templates

These page templates contain all the resources associated with a specific page type. These are referred to as "stand-alone" packages because the included resources are intended to be hosted locally, therefore you must update the pages manually if UD makes a change to page standards.

Seal Blue page template
Solid Blue (930px): (seal-blueheader-930px.tar.gz) for UNIX/Linux/Mac ( for Windows
Solid Blue (Fluid): (seal-blueheader-fluid.tar.gz) for UNIX/Linux/Mac ( for Windows
Seal Tan page template
Tan (930px): (seal-tanheader-930px.tar.gz) for UNIX/Linux/Mac ( for Windows
Tan: (Fluid) (seal-tanheader-fluid.tar.gz) for UNIX/Linux/Mac ( for Windows
Seal White page template
White (930px): (seal-whiteheader-930px.tar.gz) for UNIX/Linux/Mac ( for Windows
White (Fluid): (seal-whiteheader-fluid.tar.gz) for UNIX/Linux/Mac ( for Windows

Additional Resources

The UD Web Modules Project

UD Google Search Customization and Help

The UD Web Modules are constructed to provide web developers with the tools necessary to quickly and efficiently rebuild their sites to adhere to the UD web page standards of today and the future. For the web-saavy, additional modules are available to take your site to the next level, with Javascript components for adding popup boxes, drop-down menus, tabbed panels, and AJAX to your pages. To keep up to date with template changes, be sure to subscribe to the Template News RSS Feed!

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