Computer and Information Security

The University's computer networks are designed to facilitate the exchange of scholarly information while keeping information about employees, students, alumni, and other people as secure as possible.

You are responsible for configuring your own computer and other devices to ensure that you comply with University policies. If you do not follow these policies, you may be subject to fines and/or your network access may be terminated.

This site can help you learn more about the tools you can use and best practices you can follow to use the UD network safely and securely.

UD-IT Security News

Identity theft protection

Learn the methods, tools, and services for protecting your identity and managing identity theft and fraud.

Secure UD training reset

Secure UD training is being reset for 2016. To learn more, read the UDaily article. To log in to training, go to the Secure UD Training Web site.

Phishing test

The University is conducting a phishing test. To learn more, read the UDaily article. For best practices related to identifying and spotting phishing emails and for examples of phishing emails that have been seen at the University in the past, go to the Secure UD Threat Alerts Web site.

Explore IT Security


Learn how to connect securely to UD resources and keep your devices and accounts safe.


Learn how to identify and protect data within a unit by applying security policies, tools, and practices.


Learn how to identify and protect data when dealing with education records, research, and other information.