Using UDel Help (XpressConnect) to register for wireless access

Before you use UD's networks or the Internet, you must register the network adapters for all Internet-capable devices (computers [Ethernet and wireless adapters], tablets, cell phones with WiFi, gaming devices, etc.).

The easiest way to register your device's wireless network adapter is to use the UDel Help wireless network. Use UDel Help only to register a wireless adapter. (Wireless networks available at UD)

  1. If necessary, disconnect your computer's or device's Ethernet cable to be sure that you are registering the wireless adapter. Make sure your device's wireless adapter is turned on.
  2. If your computer gives you a choice of UD wireless networks, select UDel Help. Select UDel Help only when you are registering a wireless network adapter.
  3. Open your favorite Web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Mobile, etc.).
  4. You should see a screen like the one shown below. Select UDel Secure. Doing so will register your device's wireless network adapter for use on our network and configure your device to use UDel Secure when that network is available.
    Select UDel Secure
  5. The exact screens and directions you see will depend on
    • how your computer, tablet, smartphone, or other device is configured;
    • what Web browser you are using;
    • what operating system your computer is using;
    • what wireless networks your computer or device has used before you brought it to campus;
    • and a variety of other factors.
    Read and follow the directions you see on your device's screen. Some steps may take up to three minutes to complete.
  6. When prompted, supply your UDelNet ID and password. On most systems, you will be asked for this information once.
    Provide your UDelNet ID and password
  7. When prompted, supply your account name on your computer or device and that account's password. On most systems, you will be asked for this information once; however, depending on how your computer is configured, you may need to provide this information up to three times. (The screenshot below is from an Apple Macintosh computer. Your device or Windows computer will present a similar window for this information.)
    Provide your computer's account
  8. When you see the UD Welcome to Computing! Web page and when the XpressConnect window presents a Done button, the wireless network adapter is registered for use on both UDel and UDel Secure, and your computer or device is configured to use UDel Secure when it is available. Click Done in the XpressConnect window.
    Using UD Wireless Networks
    • After you have used UDel Help to register your computer's or device's wireless adapter, you can use either of the UDel or UDel Secure wireless networks. The UDel network is secure; the UDel Secure network has some extra safeguards, but may not work with all wireless adapters or be available on all parts of campus.
    • If your computer or device does not automatically connect to either the UDel Secure or UDel wireless network when WiFi is enabled, you can select one of those networks manually. Consult your computer or device's documentation for more information.
    • If your computer or device allows you to manage the order in which it searches for a wireless network, set it up so that it searches
      - for UDel Secure first
      - and for UDel next.
    • After you have used UDel Help to register for UDel Secure, you can, if your computer or device allows, delete UDel Help from your device's list of preferred networks.
    • More information about UD Wireless Networks.

    If you need further assistance, contact the IT Support Center.

    Last updated: August 22, 2013