Registering an Xbox to use UD's wireless network

Before using UD's networks or the Internet, the MAC address for all devices must be registered with UD.

Xbox consoles do not have a Web browser. Therefore, you will need to

First step: Find your Xbox console's MAC address

Second step: Register the MAC address manually

From a computer that you have already registered for wired (Ethernet) or wireless access to UD's network, submit your Xbox console's MAC address to us via the UD Network Page.

  1. Go to the UD Network page.
    The Network Page will open in separate tab or window so you can keep these instructions open while registering your Xbox console.
  2. Choose the second option under Registering for Internet Access. The option reads as follows:
    Manually register a different Internet-enabled device (Wii console, Xbox console, etc.) for full Internet access. This option requires the device's MAC address.
  3. On the Manually Register Your Network Adapter page, type your Xbox console's 12-character MAC address in the first text box on the page.
  4. For your convenience we also suggest you type a description in the second text box--something like "Xavier's Xbox."
  5. Click Register Roaming IP.
  6. You can log out from the Network Page. Your Xbox should be able to use the network within 30 minutes.