Finding IT Services

Information Technologies (IT) provides a full range of services and technology solutions to the University community. If you need help using a specific form of technology or need to find the right person to help you, begin by visiting the IT Support Center Web site, contacting the Support Center staff using this form, or calling 302-831-6000.

Specific Services and Solutions

Internet Access
  • UD provides both wired and wireless access to the University's network and the Internet.
  • All network adapters must be registered for network access.
  • Using an Ethernet adapter for wired access? Register your computer's Ethernet adapter at the UD Network Page.
  • Using a wireless network adapter (WiFi)? The easiest method of registering a wireless adapter is to select the UDel Help network only when you are registering a wireless device.
    (More information about UD's wireless networks)
Technology in the Classroom
  • For help with any of the technology in a UD classroom, pick up the classroom phone to contact the Classroom Tech Hotline or call 302-831-3546.
  • Academic Technology Services offers faculty specialized assistance in areas such as webcasting, distance learning, digital media, video, satellite uplink and downlink, classroom capture, and videoconferencing.
  • UD uses Sakai--an open source platform--for learning and collaboration to support our faculty and students. Log in to Sakai@UD.
Business Systems
  • For more information about our support of business areas such as Collecting Payments via the Web, UD Financials, UD HR Systems, UDSIS, or UD Web Forms, send your questions via this form.
Collaboration & Sharing
  • We have an overview to help you choose the right collaboration tool. Some of the most popular options for collaboration are listed below.
  • Sakai@UD
    In addition to using Sakai@UD for academic classes, you can use Sakai@UD for collaboration on UD-related projects.
  • Google Apps@UD
    Even if you don't use Google Apps@UD for email, you can collaborate using Google Drive or Google Sites.
  • WordPress
    You can use WordPress, hosted at, to set up a Web site, blog, or other collaborative Web space.
  • SharePoint
    Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is a Web-based application that allows working groups to collaborate online using any supported Web browser. You can use SharePoint for document management, file management, workflow management, and online discussion.
  • Win Domain File Services
    The Win Domain File Services (Win DFS) is a subscription-based, native Windows storage solution offered by UD IT for University departments to locally manage University information.
  • To conduct online surveys, link to the Qualtrics survey system.
  • Contact the IT Support Center for information about other solutions for collaboration and sharing.
Computing Sites
  • UD has over 700 computers available for use around campus. Learn about our computing sites and the services and software available.
  • University faculty, staff, and students can print on a large format color poster printer in the Smith Hall Computing Site (rooms 002, 004, and 006). Information about cost, payment and specific printing information can be found on our poster printing web pages.
  • Computer Repair and Troubleshooting provides diagnostic services, virus/malware cleaning and troubleshooting assistance for University students, staff, and faculty in our Smith Hall service area located in the Smith Hall Computing Site (rooms 002, 004, and 006). Appointments are required and can be made by contacting our Support Center at (302) 831-6000.
Computer Security at UD
  • Information security is an issue we all need to deal with. To learn how to keep your computer and information safe, read guidelines about computer security at UD. If you have a specific question, contact the IT Support Center.
  • The GreenIT program is part of the University's sustainability initiative, which offers tangible steps to reduce the carbon footprint of your activities. For example, view IT's recommendations for computer power settings.
  • IT offers extensive technology training options in a variety of formats. Visit the LearnIT@UD Web site.
Media Support
  • For help with any of the technology in a UD classroom, pick up the classroom phone for the Classroom Tech Hotline or call 302-831-3546.
  • Professional audio/video production, campus and performance events (including Mitchell and Pearson Hall performance venues): call IT University Media Services at 302-831-3557.
  • General multimedia support for faculty: contact Academic Technology Services.
  • Students: Multimedia software is available in many University computing sites. You can visit the Student Multimedia Design Center, lower level of Morris Library, to use multimedia systems, reserve a studio, or to borrow equipment.
Network & Server Support
Research Support
  • IT supports research by providing access to databases essential to scholarly research, policy formation, information infrastructure, development, and economic growth. Consulting services include assistance with data analysis, data extraction, statistical and mathematical software, geographic information systems, and scientific visualization software. Send email to for assistance. Also visit the Research Computing Web site.
Software Licensed for UD Use
  • The University has licensed anti-virus software and a variety of other software applications and utilities for use by students, faculty, and staff for free. View UD-licensed software.
UD Email
  • UD offers central email service to all undergraduates through Google Apps @UD. Faculty and staff may select Google Apps @UD or Exchange for email.
    • To see which central email system you use, log in to the UD Network page. Your email service is listed under "Your Account Information."
    • For help with individual IMAP clients for reading your email, visit the IT Support Center's Web site.
Web Page Support