Salzburg Seminar

Salzburg Seminar

Please note that UD participation in the Salzburg Seminar is suspended until further notice.


Each year hundreds of academic, government and industry leaders from around the world gather in Salzburg, Austria to participate in The Salzburg Seminar, one of the world's foremost international educational experiences. 

The Salzburg Seminar is an independent non-profit organization founded in 1947 to challenge current and future leaders to shape a better world. Their program series aim to bridge divides, expand collaboration and transform systems. The University of Delaware has had a special relationship with the Salzburg Seminar for nearly thirty years.

Housed in the Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg, Austria, the Seminar consists of extended, week-long conversations about a wide range of vital issues. Each program brings together fifty to sixty mid-career professionals from around the world to work with a distinguished international faculty for seven very intensive days. Lectures, workshops and small group discussions often stretch well into the evening, broken at intervals by chamber music, strolls around the lake and mountains of food from the Schloss's first-class kitchen.

The range of topics covered in the Seminar's series of programs is nearly as diverse as the Seminar fellows. For a full description of programs -- and of the Seminar itself -- visit the Salzburg Seminar website


Although any full-time member of the University of Delaware faculty or professional staff is eligible, preference will be given to those who:

  1. Have not yet been a Salzburg Seminar Fellow; 

  2. Have relatively limited international experience; and

  3. Are at or near the midpoint of their career. 

Full-time professionals are encouraged to apply.


Tuition, room and board expenses -- the equivalent of $5,000 -- will be fully paid through a combination of scholarships made available by the Salzburg Seminar and by the Institute for Global Studies. It is expected that the Fellow's academic department, school or college will defray travel costs to Salzburg. 

Application Procedure

Please refer to the Salzburg Seminar’s website to select the session that is best suited to your area of experience. Submit a proposal, not exceeding two pages, that identifies the following information:

  1. Title and dates of the session;

  2. How the session will assist in your professional development; and

  3. What specific benefits will accrue to the university, your colleagues and your students from your participation in the session (e.g. new or revised course, research). 

In addition to the proposal, please submit a brief curriculum vitae and a letter of support from the Chair and/or Dean of your relevant unit, confirming that the unit will pay round trip travel to and from Salzburg. 


Your proposal will be evaluated by a University committee composed in part by Salzburg Seminar alumni.

Usually, two to four UD faculty and professional staff are recommended by the University Committee each year.

Salzburg Seminar Alumni

Burton Abrams

Deborah Auger

Titus Awokuse

Alice Ba

Gretchen Bauer

Ralph Begleiter

William Boyer

Susan Brynteson

Martha Buell

James Butkiewicz

Suzanne Cherrin

Peter Cole

Sean Cox

Karen Curtis

Zoubeida Dagher

Lawrence Donnelley

Joachim Elterich

Philip Flynn

Leslie Goldstein 

Daniel Green

Lesa Griffiths

Carla Guerrón Montero

Catherine Halbrendt

Beth Haslett

Gabriella Hermon

Mark Huddleston

Amy Johnson

David Kaplan

Kevin Kerrane

Kenneth Koford

Thomas Leitch

Delphis Levia

Charles Link

Arno Loessner

James Magee

Carole Marks

William Meyer

Barret Michalec

Mark Miller

Sandra Millard

Nancy Nicholson

James Oliver

James O'Neill

Marian Palley

Sheldon Pollack

Harvey Price

Leslie Reidel

Daniel Rich

William Ritter

Robert Rothman

Jessica Schiffman

Yda Schreuder

Bonnie Scott

Lloyd Shorter

James Soles

Karen Stein

Janis Tomlinson

Silvia Weyerbrock

Danilo Yanich

If you have participated in the Seminar and would like your name added to this page, please contact us with your name and the title/date of the session that you attended.

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