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IGS Global Exchange Program

Please note that the IGS-Globex program is suspended until further notice.


Program Overview

The Institute for Global Studies’ Global Exchange Program (IGS-Globex) provides funding for UD faculty members in support of high-impact projects and activities that contribute to the University of Delaware’s campus internationalization. According to NAFSA: Association of International Educators, this is defined as, “…the conscious effort to integrate and infuse international, intercultural and global dimensions into the ethos and outcomes of postsecondary education. To be fully successful, it must involve active and responsible engagement of the academic community in global networks and partnerships.” 

Examples of campus internationalization activities eligible for IGS-Globex funding include:

  • International research activities that result in new collaborations, partnerships, curriculum, and knowledge that benefit the University of Delaware community;

  • On-campus conferences, lecture series, or visiting scholars that engage UD students and the greater UD community in global issues;

  • Participation by faculty with limited international experiences in programs that inform research and teaching efforts.  


IGS-Globex awards may be used for travel, research costs, stipends and other expenses directly related to the proposed activities. All applications require a faculty member’s home department to contribute at least $500 to the proposal.

IGS-Globex funds may not be used for domestic travel, per diem for meals, page charges for journal publications, visa fees, F&A/overhead and/or UD-faculty salary.

While travel requests for international conferences may be considered, it is expected that the faculty member demonstrates the relevance of conference activities to global research and teaching at the University of Delaware, as well as organizes meetings to create and/or strengthen collaborations that benefit the UD community.

Unless granted an extension, all funds must be spent within one year of the award date. Any unspent funds are to be returned to IGS upon expiration of the award period. Extension requests must be made to the IGS Director three months prior to the end of the award period. The IGS Director reserves the right to approve or deny any and all extension requests.

Please note that it is expected that all proposed activities using IGS Globex funds take place at least three months following an applicant’s submission. 


IGS-Globex funding is limited to full-time UD faculty members who have not received IGS financial support in the last three years. Projects that include significant department or other cost sharing and those that request limited IGS-Globex support are more likely to be selected for funding.

Please note that part-time UD faculty members, emeritus faculty, post-doctoral fellows, undergraduate/graduate students, UD staff, and full-time UD faculty members who have received IGS financial support in the last three years are ineligible for IGS-Globex funding.


Faculty that receive IGS-Globex awards are expected to submit a report within one month of the funded activity’s conclusion. Each report is required to include:

1. A summary of accomplishments achieved during the activity; 

2. A description of the activity’s impact on UD campus internationalization; and 

3. Details on any planned or potential follow-on efforts.

Application Requirements

IGS-Globex funding applications are accepted throughout the year and reviewed on a rolling basis by the Institute for Global Studies Advisory Board.

Application proposals must include:

1. A summary of no more than 1,000 words that clearly identifies the project or activity’s a) purpose; b) significance and potential impact; c) linkages to campus internationalization; and d) expected outcomes/benefits; 

2. A project timeline, budget and budget narrative that provides justification for all associated costs and clearly identifies the total amount requested; and 

3. A letter of support from the Department Chair or Dean.  

Questions about IGS-Globex should be sent to Dan Bottomley, Associate Director for Global Partnerships and Programs.

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