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Purposeful is designed to help you define and stay aligned to your unique purpose in life—your why. Grounded in powerful neuroscience, the Purposeful Experience helps you adopt mindsets and habits that bring better focus, intention, and purpose into each day. 

While the ideas in Purposeful are simple, they’re also based on powerful brain and  behavior science. Changes for the better can be hard. Purposeful is designed to make them easier. It helps you harness your “why” and supports you in forming positive  habits — most importantly, the habit of bringing your best to what matters most  each day.

With Purposeful you will learn:

  • What purpose is
  • What the science says about purpose
  • The benefits of living with purpose
  • How purposes vary from person to person
  • How to build purposeful habits

You'll even get support for drafting a purpose of your own (or a chance to revisit and update yours, if it's been a while).

If purpose was a pill it would be a blockbuster. Research shows that having a purpose in life can be incredibly powerful, especially in times like these. It strengthens resilience, helps us navigate change, make better decisions, form positive habits, and even boosts our immune response. A strong sense of purpose can result in:

  • Sharper focus
  • Faster recovery
  • Stronger resilience
  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep 
  • Less anxiety and depression
  • Lower health risks

The Purposeful App is available to all UD employees at no cost!

Text “UDEL” to 734.436.3939 to get started


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Learn to Love Change

If you're going through a life change, flex your resilience muscle and see it as a learning opportunity.

Why It Matters

Resilient people view change as an opportunity to be flexible and adapt, and often use life challenges as a chance to be open to moving in new directions

Pro Tip

When faced with a challenge, big or small, instead of focusing on only on the negative, think about the positive change that cna come about as a result.

leaders video: youtube.com/watch?v=u2RXQodlLA4

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PurposeCast is a series of conversations highlighting purpose-driven thought leaders, experts, and innovators. Through their stories, get a glimpse into their journeys and gain insights and actionable tips for yourself.  Learn how they harnessed their purpose to live bigger lives and how you can too.

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