Mental Health Resources

Access to all of the tools on this page are available at no cost to UD employees.

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ComPsych | Employee Assistance Provider

988 suicide and crisis lifeline
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Employee Mental Health Resources

Mental health care looks different for all of us. A variety of resources and training tools are available to UD employees to support you in proactively protecting your mental health, finding professional care when you need it and confidently supporting others.

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Get Help Now

If you are in need of immediate assistance, please utilize one of these 24/7 confidential helplines:

ComPsych Employee Assistance Program | 1-877-527-4742

988 Suicide and Crisis Prevention Lifeline | Call or Text 988 | Live Chat

Mental Health LinkedIn Learning Pathway

Learn more about ways to protect your mental health and how to support others with this 30 minute training


Protecting Your Mental Health:

Welcome and Introduction from Beth Finkle,
Director Employee Health and Wellbeing

Explore Your Resources

UD Mental Health First Aid Directory

Our network of Mental Health First Aid trained faculty and staff is committed to supporting the UD community by providing assistance to those experiencing a mental health or substance use-related crisis. Individuals are trained to recognize warning signs, listen nonjudgementally, give reassurance and information, encourage appropriate professional help and encourage self-help.

Protecting Your Mental Health

Use these resources to create environments that support positive mental health, improve resilience and keep your emotional wellbeing at its best. These recommendations have been derived from National Institute of Mental Health "Caring for Your Mental Health" best practices where you can find additional guidance and tips.

Work with Work Arrangements

Identify what you need to perform at your best and discuss options with your supervisor. Find a full list of resources on the Future of Working at UD page.

Working Well Resources

LinkedIn Learning Courses | How to Set Boundaries and Protect your Time
Employee Health and Wellbeing On Demand | Working Well Series Recordings

Connect with Others

Finding a network of support and maintaining social connection creates a sense of belonging and community that is essential to maintaining positive emotional wellbeing.

Connection Resources

NAMI Delaware | Community Support Groups
Office of Institutional Equity | Diversity Caucuses
Employee Health and Wellbeing | Group Exercise Classes

Prioritize Sleep

Make a schedule and practice healthy sleep habits to give your body and mind the rest they need to be well.

Sleep Resources

ComPsych | Sleep Assessment
LinkedIn Learning | Sleep is Your Superpower Course
Purposeful | Guided Sleep Meditation Recording

Practice Relaxation

Use mindfulness, meditation and other calming activities to train your nervous system to respond positively to difficult situations.

Relaxation Resources

Employee Health and Wellbeing On-Demand | Meditation, Yoga, Working Well: Mindfulness
LinkedIn Learning | Mindful Stress Management Course
Greater Good Project | Resilience Practice

Increase Self-Efficacy

Stay empowered by learning more about signs, symptoms, prevention and management of mental illness and mental health concerns.

Educational Resources

LinkedIn Learning Courses | Managing Depression, Managing Anxiety, Managing Burnout
ComPsych On-Demand Training | Emotional Eating
Suicide Prevention Trainings | QPR Trainings

Do I Need Help?

If symptoms of a mental health concern are interfering with your daily life, seek professional help


National Institute for Mental Health| Symptom Info Sheet
Mental Health America | Online Mental Health Screening
National Alliance of Mental Health | Warning Signs of Mental Health Crisis

Finding a Provider

Use your State of Delaware benefits to locate a primary care or behavioral health provider available in-person or via telehealth appointment. 


Aetna | Telehealth Options, Find a Provider Tool
Highmark | Telehealth Options, Find a Provider Tool
ComPsych | Benefits and Contact Information

Responding to Crisis

Learn how to respond to mental health emergencies and "Be the One to" help save a life.  

Crisis Resources

NAMI Delaware | Mental Health First Aid Training
National Institute of Mental Health | The Five Action Steps to Help Someone in Emotional Pain
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline | We Can All Prevent Suicide

Supporting Your Employees

Faculty and staff in supervisory roles have an opportunity to lead with compassion and empathy to create supportive environments that allow teams to thrive.

Resources for Managers

ComPsych | Toolkit for Managers and Supervisors, Incident Process
Employee Health and Wellbeing | Managing Well Recordings
LinkedIn Learning | Compassionate Leadership

Supporting Students

Employees at the University of Delaware are in a unique position to impact the lives of students who might be experiencing symptoms of mental illness for the first time. Learn when and how to report concerns with these resources.

Resources for Supporting Students

UD Center for Counseling and Student Development | Guidelines and Tips for Supporting Students in Distress
UD Center for Teaching and Assessment of Learning | Course Design Tips to Help Decrease Student Stress
UD Office of the Dean of Students | How to Report a Concern

Our Mental Health Parnters