UD Workforce-Frequently Asked Questions



UD WorkForce is the "new" time and attendance system - this system will replace the time off request process and will replace UD Time.

All time off requests will be handled within the new system, managers and timekeepers will have access to see those requests within the system. At this point, only Supervisor 1 and tentatively Timekeeper 1 will receive a notification that a request has been submitted for approval.

UD WorkForce will allow you to submit Time Off Requests for time taken back to June 1, 2020. If you have time that was not submitted prior to June 1, 2020 that time will need to be reported to pr-staff@udel.edu for an adjustment to be made.

Any Request for Leave forms that are still pending as of July 23, will be reviewed by Payroll. If the request is for historical time, the form will automatically be approved. If the request is for future time the form will be cancelled and the employee will need to resubmit this request in the new system.

Yes, any approved request will carry over to the new system.

The Time Off Balance View will continue to be available in Webviews for you to view historical Requests for Leave. These requests are also stored in your Webforms In Basket and/or Archive tab. 

If the request has already been approved for time requested after August 31, 2020, the request is still valid and will be transferred to the new system manually.


All amendments will occur in the new system. More details on this process will be provided along with training materials.

You will continue to use Webforms RFL through July 20, 2020 to submit time through August 31, 2020. Once the new system is live you will use the delivered Time Off Request to submit your requests.

If you want to submit a request for time off in the Fall you will have to submit this request in the new system as of August 9, 2020. Currently, you are able to submit Requests for Leave for time taken through August 31, 2020. 



Please contact your HR Manager or Timekeeper. They will need to review your balances, if there is a discrepancy or adjustment needed they would complete the Balance Adjustment form.

We will be loading the balances from UD Time into UD WorkForce. This is at your discretion, it is not necessary to do this.



College Business Officer (CBO), HR Managers, and Reporter/Viewer are the new roles. 

CBO and HR Manager roles have access to edit and approve timesheets. HR Manager can approve Time Off Request and is able to submit Time Off Request on behalf of employee.



The Reporter Role is a new and optional role. If a College or Department chooses to leverage this role, it provides the user with access to view timesheets, print timesheets (backup for grants), and run reports.  Users can be assigned to this new role by completing the HR Supervisor Update webform and identifying the designated individual within the Timekeeper 3 slot. If you have a significant number of Supervisor Codes to be updated send a request to hr-it@udel.edu to coordinate a mass update.

We look forward to having you join our FORCE!