Our Team

Jared Aupperle, Director, Talent Solutions

Jared Aupperle

Director, Talent Solutions

Work hard and be kind and amazing things will happen.

Lori Koval, Interim Director, Talent Solutions

Lori Koval

Associate Director, Talent Acquisition

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change

Dean Davis, Instructional Designer

Dean Davis

Instructional Designer

If you can't be intuitive with technology, be inquisitive.

Meghan Grubb, Talent Acquisition Specialist

Meghan Grubb

Talent Acquisition Specialist

I LOVE hosting friends and family for get-togethers. I make a mean charcuterie board and entertainment spread!

Krissy Hickman, Talent Onboarding Coordinator

Krissy Hickman

Talent Acquisition Specialist

I love all things DIY. Half of the furniture in my house is homemade or refurbished!

Sarah Holveck

Sarah Holveck

Talent Onboarding Coordinator

I am a proud vegan and marathon runner. I try to be outside, enjoying nature any chance I get! 

Tom Julian, Talent Sourcer

Tom Julian

Talent Sourcer

I met John Mayer when I was 18 years old and blinked in my picture with him.

Ellen Lepine, Training and Development Specialist, Talent Development

Ellen Lepine

Training and Development Specialist, Talent Development

I love bike-riding. I recently completed 105 miles of the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP Trail) in western Pennsylvania.


Karen Montana, Administrative Assistant

Karen Montana

Talent Acquisition Specialist

I love to follow tennis, especially the Blue Hens, since my husband is the head coach!

Cristen Smith, Talent Engagement and Onboarding Specialist

Cristen Smith

Talent Engagement and Onboarding Specialist

I am a quintesential extrovert and always look for an opporunity to connect with and learn about others.

Linda Smith, Sr. Training and Development Specialist

Linda Smith

Senior Training and Development Specialist, Talent Development

My first choice of a college major was forestry and I still prefer to spend time in nature, whenever possible.

Maria Tarry, Talent Onboarding Coordinator

Maria Tarry

Talent Onboarding Coordinator

My favorite place on campus is the Mineralogical Museum at Penny Hall.  It's an absolute gem of a place!

SherVonne Wilson, Senior Talent Aquisition Specialist

SherVonne Wilson

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

If you are hungry come find me; breakfast, lunch and dinner are my favorite meals of the day

Kathleen Wheatley, Digital Communications Specialist

Kathleen Wheatley

Digital Communications Specialist

I am the youngest of three girls, all of our names end in "een," my dad called us the "een" sisters.