About HR

Our Mission

As a strategic partner, Human Resources promotes excellence, integrity and knowledge through delivery of our services to the University of Delaware. This enables us to attract, develop, reward and engage the institution’s most valuable asset—its people.

Core Values

Competence. Capitalize on knowledge, skills and abilities and continue to evolve to achieve customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

Customer Focus. Anticipate, understand, and respond in a timely and effective manner to our customers. Welcome feedback to help identify improvements.

Communication. Understand others by listening and communicating honestly and discretely.

Respect. Exercise patience and sensitivity, be open-minded, forthright, and fair in our interactions with customers and each other.


Office of Human Resources

Griffith, Darcell Interim Chief Human Resources Officer 831-2171
Wheatley, Kathleen Digital Communications 831-2431

Compensation & Benefits

Griffith, Darcell Director, Compensation & Benefits 831-2171
  Blandford, Joy HR Assistant 831-2171
  Bredemeier, Jennifer Sr.Benefits Analyst 831-2984
  Crews, Julie HR Assistant 831-2171
  Doggett, Teresa Retirement Specialist 831-6349
  Grassi, Kierston Financial Analyst II
  Greenwood, Julie Compensation and Benefits Specialist 831-1647
  Hutchison, Katherine Records Manager 831-0862
  Jones, Michele Work/Life Coordinator 831-0713
  Lucas, Dara
Administrative Assistant
  McKenzie, Gisela Benefits Manager 831-6651
  Moye, Eileen Records System Specialist 831-8983
  Nerlinger, Kathy Sr. Benefits Specialist 831-8823
  Norman, Stephanie Compensation Analyst 831-4310
  Reynolds, Freda Benefits Coordinator 831-6013
  Robinson, Tashiana Project Manager 831-0571
  Slack, Amanda Records Systems Specialist 831-0861
  Towers, Christopher Compensation Manager 831-6080
  Ulrich, Chris Sr. HR Consultant 831-2729
  Varnes, Lisa Benefits Specialist 831-8039
Employee Development
Neff, Jean Director, Employee Development 831-8813
  Brown, Jennifer Administrative Assistant II 831-2414
  Lepine, Ellen Training and Development Specialist 831-0269
  Smith, Linda Sr. Training and Development Specialist 831-8853
HR Systems
Deramo-Kollra, Elizabeth Director, HRIS 831-2533
  Goldstein, Nancy Sr. HRIS Analyst 831-6153
  McFadden, Cheryl Sr. HRIS Analyst 831-8563
  Riddle, Jeannette Sr. HRIS Analyst 831-8870
  Wilson, Kathie HRIS Analyst 831-0864
Employee Relations
Fogg, Patricia Director, Employee Relations 831-1102
  Chavis, Janna HR Manager 831-0481
  Crook, Juanita Employee Relations Specialist 831-8305
  Hamm, Scarlett Employee Relations Specialist 831-2769
  Soares, Sunaina Academic HR Manager 831-2268
Recruitment & Employment
Aupperle, Jared Manager, Recruitment 831-8156
  Koval, Lori Senior Recruiter 831-8454
  Moore, Rebekah Recruitment and Onboarding Coordinator 831-1559
  Smith, Cristen Recruitment and Onboarding Coordinator 831-6152
  Tarry, Maria Recruitment and Onboarding Coordinator 831-2718
  Williams, Mark Background Check Coordinator 831-1127
  Wilson, SherVonne Recruiter 831-7427