Planned Giving:

For more than 250 years, the University of Delaware has benefited from the generosity of committed alumni and friends who have included the University in their estate and financial plans.

Stock gifts can be made in several different ways. Due to the Securities Exchange Commission (S.E.C.) regulation requirement for signature(s) to be Medallion guaranteed by an authorized officer of a participating brokerage firm or a bank registered by the S.E.C., it is suggested that potential donors deliver to a broker the stocks they may want to donate on short notice. The stock then can be readily moved in street name.

Such special gifts have helped provide scholarships for talented undergraduate students, fellowships for deserving graduate students and vital support for the research and teaching endeavors of our outstanding faculty. Bequests and numerous other planned gifts have also helped to build new buildings and to enhance and preserve our existing facilities on campus.

The additional financial benefits associated with many planned giving arrangements make it possible for you to support the work of the University to an even greater extent than you might have thought possible by addressing some of your own tax, estate and financial planning goals.

The University is grateful for all types of gifts and welcomes the opportunity to work with you and your personal advisors to determine if one or more planned giving arrangements are appropriate for you.

If you would like more information on how a gift to the University may fit with your estate planning and help you achieve your tax and financial goals, please allow us to send you a complimentary brochure entitled “Planning Your Gift to the University.”

The University provides qualified professionals to assist you in planning your gift. Recognizing the highly private nature of such planning, all inquiries and communications are held in strictest confidence.