UD Items for Your New Normal


Add a splash of blue and gold to your daily routine, no matter your schedule or location! Included here are fun additions that are perfect for a desk at your office or home, and for your (safe) treks out and about.

6-Foot Measuring Tape

We all know the recommendation is to stay six feet apart from each other, but how far is six feet exactly? Print, cut out and tack together this UD measuring tape to ensure you always keep six feet between you and coworkers, fellow diners or anyone requiring some distance.

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Desktop Calendar

Whether you’re returning to the office, working from home or taking care of family, keep track of new meetings and responsibilities. Use these UD-branded calendar pages to keep everything straight.

Printable Desktop Calendar.

YoUDee Poster

Hang this fun poster with YoUDee reminders about coronavirus courtesies to keep them in mind.

YouDee Back to Work Poster.

Blue & Gold Pride Pennant

Print and hang this UD Alumni pennant to show your blue and gold pride.

Printable Blue and Gold Pride Pennant.

Personal Labels

As we all try to be even more careful to not share germs, print these UD labels on an Avery label sheet to put your name on your pens, mug, tablets, etc.

Printable Avery Personal Labels.

Blue Hen Podcasts

Whether your commute to school or work is in the car or simply a walk down the hall in your home, it’s the perfect time to tune in to these podcasts by Blue Hens before or after your day begins.

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Blue & Gold Gear

Don’t forget to sport your Blue Hen pride on dress-down Fridays.

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Wake-Up Call

Rediscover an Old Jam

Check out these Spotify playlists to find the soundtrack to your fall routine.

Blue Hen Strong Fund.

Coming Together for our Students

The Blue Hen Strong Fund provides immediate help for students suffering hardships as a result of the pandemic.

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Career Networking

UD offers an array of opportunities to learn from fellow alumni, connect with students and hone your professional skills.

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