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Our UD alumni are #BlueHensForever!


The University and the UD Alumni Association (UDAA) are committed to providing our alumni with the benefits and resources to succeed professionally and personally. Below, we share the many resources and benefits available.

Delaware First: 
The Campaign for the University of Delaware

The University’s first comprehensive fundraising and engagement campaign – Delaware First – is making the remarkable happen at UD.

Six Steps to Defanging Your Vampire” by Dr. April Kendra:

Blue Hen Minds: Six Steps to Defanging Your Vampire

In "Six Steps to Defanging Your Vampire" by Dr. April Kendra, UD assistant professor in the English department and affiliate faculty member in Women and Gender Studies, shares the ways you can identify the "vampires" in your life—people, organizations, things that suck the control from your life. 

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