Suggested Timeline

The Quiet Phase (4-6 weeks prior to launch)

Week 1
  • Submit application on HenFunder website.
  • Attend interest meeting/office hours with UD Annual Giving staff member.
  • Determine scope of project and fundraising goal.
  • Identify and delegate responsibilities of project team.
  • Compile email lists.
  • Create a marketing schedule: email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, flyers, newsletter announcements, etc.
  • Begin video production (if needed).
Week 2
  • Finalize email lists.
  • Pick a launch date and develop your promotional timeline.
  • Once project is approved by Annual Giving team, update your project page to include all necessary details.
  • Work with your department’s communications staff member to determine distribution of information through UD channels.
  • Consider offline opportunity on campus such as kiosk at student center or project open house to increase awareness and make appropriate plans.
Week 3
  • Finalize project page for review by Annual Giving team.
  • Build your social media audience by encouraging your network to send invitations to friends, family and colleagues to “like” or connect all pages associated with your project/department.
  • Finalize marketing content and schedule: social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.); print media (postcards, buck slips, flyers); and follow up email content. Assign distribution/posting dates for communication.
Week 4
  • Begin email communication regarding project.
  • Start telling your story by sending an email sharing information about project: what it is, who it benefits, etc.
  • Upon project approval, send “official” project launch email and include URL for the project page, details for on-campus activities supporting project and any other important dates.
  • Post launch announcement to all social media outlets to build excitement.
  • Gather photos that can be used in communications.


Project Launch (30-45 days)

Week 1: Official launch of HenFunder project
  • Send email to contact lists
  • Post to all social media
  • Be sure to include photos and/or video links that highlight project.
  • Ask followers to “share” social media posts to increase audience.
  • At the end of Week One, post fundraising update to social media outlets.
Week 2
  • Thank donors who have given to date.
  • Post update/reminder to all social media outlets.
  • Consider a follow-up email to contact list.
Week 3–4
  • Thank donors who have given in past week.
  • Post to all social media outlets. Include fundraising update and highlight aspects of the project (e.g., past successes, cause, outcomes of previous years). Include pictures!
  • Share successes of the project. If this is a scholarship, post a bio of any current recipients. If your project is supporting a trip or event, post pictures from years past.
  • Consider on-campus/offline promotional opportunity to support online efforts (e.g., information table in student center, dorm posters, campus media such as WVUD or UDaily).
Week 4–6
  • Thank donors who have given in the past week.
  • Create a final push for project messaging. Include fundraising update.
  • Email reminder to contact list about project deadline. Include fundraising update.


Beyond First 30–45 Days

While some projects will have a definitive campaign timeline, others may be evergreen continuing past 30 days. For best results, you should continue to send monthly reminders as well as post to social media outlets 1-2 times a month. For ongoing projects, identify 2-3 times a year to send deliberate messaging that can help increase gifts. Determine what may fit with your project, it could be the holiday season or something that aligns with the academic calendar such as Homecoming, Commencement, etc.

Sample Emails

Sample Project Announcement

Dear [name],
We are excited to announce the launch of our UD HenFunder project, [insert project name]. Funds raised from this project will support [insert brief summary/description]. To reach our goal of [$____], we need your help.

Visit our project page at [insert page URL] to make a gift today.

Help us spread the word about our project by sharing this email. Thank you for your support!



Sample Solicitation

Dear [name],

As an alum [or example of relationship] of University of Delaware and a member of [Organization], we like to keep you informed about what’s going on with the current group, and we’d also ask that you help support our HenFunder project. The [enter name of project] will benefit [enter brief description] and your financial support is integral to our success.

We greatly appreciate your support and commitment to UD and [Organization]. You can make a gift online at [insert project URL].

Thank you for your support,


Sample Personal Ask

Dear [name],

As a student at the University of Delaware, I am raising money for [cause, project, or event], and I need your help! Even a small donation would assist me in reaching my goal of [amount].

With your gift, the [insert project name] will be able to [brief description of project].

Read more about my project and make a donation by clicking the following link [insert URL].

Thank you,


Sample Updates

Dear [name],

Just a week ago, we launched our UD HenFunder project, [insert project name]. As of today, the project has raised [$____]! Help us spread the word about our fundraising effortproject by sharing this email with your fellow [colleagues, alumni, students, etc.].

With your help we will achieve our goal and be able to [provide brief summary of project and expected outcomes].

To learn more about our project and to make a gift, visit [insert project URL].

Thank you for your support!


Dear [name],

As we reach the halfway point of our [Project name] project, we are excited to share our progress! As of today, we have raised [$___] towards our goal of [$____].

There is still time to support our cause and help share our story. Please share this link on your social media page – [insert URL] and encourage others to support this great project!



Sample Thank You Note

Dear [name],

On behalf of the [project/organization name] at University of Delaware, I would like to thank you for your support and generous donation of [donation or donation amount]. Your commitment to helping our HenFunder project is sincerely appreciated.

Your generosity will enable us to [insert brief description of project objective]. In particular, we were able to raise enough money to [insert something you were able to do with the money]. The ability for us to fund this was extremely beneficial to our [club or organization] and assisted us [explain how].

Thank you again for your generous support!

Best Wishes,

Sample Social Media Posts

General Social Media Posts

  • Our UD HenFunder fundraising project has launched! Help support [insert project] by visiting [insert website URL] to learn more!
  • Have you heard? We just launched our UD HenFunder project to support [insert project]. To make a donation visit [insert URL].
  • I just donated to support [insert project]! Will you join me? Visit [insert URL].
  • Thanks to the generosity of our donors we have raised [$___] and are almost to our goal! Share this post with friends and family to help us get there!
  • Want to give? Visit [insert URL] today!
  • Because of your support, our UD HenFunder project, [____] has raised [____]!


Social Media Posts by Participants

  • “Help me spread the word about my UD HenFunder project : [insert URL]
  • “Know anyone who might like to know more about this great UD HenFunder project? : [insert URL]
  • Who can help me find the next donor? : [insert URL]


Personal Social Media Posts

  • I’m raising money for [insert cause, project, or event]. I’ve raised [amount] so far, but I still need [amount] to reach my goal! Would you consider making a donation [even small gifts help!] to assist me in my fundraising efforts.
  • Please feel free to share this post and encourage your own friends to give to my [cause, project, or event].
  • Thank you in advance for your generosity! [insert relevant #hashtag, URL, and photo]
  • Help me raise money for [cause, project, or event]! I only need [amount] to reach my goal. Make a difference! [insert relevant #hashtag, shortened URL and photo]
  • I’m raising money for [cause, project, or event], and I need your help! Even a small donation would assist me in reaching my goal of [amount]. With a donation of [amount], you’ll be able to [offer tangible way that a donation could help]. Read more about my campaign and make a donation by clicking the link in my profile! [insert relevant #hashtag]