Graduate Programs

Student looks through a microscope in a Medical Laboratory Sciences class in the lab in Willard Hall.

Medical Sciences: Ph.D., M.S., 4+1 (B.S./M.S.), Certificate


This accelerated degree program provides high performing students with the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory science and a master’s degree in medical sciences in less time and at less cost than completing both programs individually. With a combined degree, students will have specialized, in-depth professional skills knowledge and will be prepared to succeed within the increasingly complex clinical laboratory science sector. In today’s competitive employment market, individuals seeking management and leadership positions in the laboratory based professions require a graduate level degree. The 4+1, B.S./M.S. alows students to specifically tailor their graduate program of study to meet their specific career goals, whether it be laboratory administration, research settings or laboratory science education. Options for 4+1, B.S./M.S. include:

  • Applied Molecular Biology and Biotechnology/Medical Sciences 4+1 (B.S./M.S.)
  • Medical Laboratory Science/Medical Sciences 4+1 (B.S./M.S.)

The Ph.D. program in medical sciences provides advanced training with the goal of preparing students for research-based careers. Areas of in-depth study are driven by faculty research and encompass clinically-related fields such as inherited visual disease, diabetes mellitus and other chronic health conditions, cancer, human papillomavirus virus and infectious disease, RNA biomarkers, biotheraputics, microbiomes, protein structural biology, molecular spectrocopy and biophysics and X-ray crystalography.

The programmatic emphasis is on the pathogenesis of disease, biomarkers that can aid in diagnosis and treatment, evidence-based practice and the underlying mechanisms of chronic illness.


Application Deadlines



February 1: Priority consideration for departmental funding (Ph.D.)

July 1: Final deadline to apply


October 1: Limited Option (Ph.D.)

January 1: Final deadline to apply (M.S.)

* International applicants are not eligible to obtain a U.S. student visa solely with an acceptance to a UD graduate certificate program. Certificates may be added by full-time matriculated graduate students.

UD Tuition

The 2022-2023 UD graduate student tuition rate per credit hour is $979.

Some financial aid may be available to qualified students for the MS program.

All or nearly all doctoral students receive a stipend and full tuition scholarship.