Interdisciplinary Evaluation Science Admissions Requirements

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To apply for admission to the Interdisciplinary Evaluation Science program, please use the Inquire Today link at the left.

The admissions criteria will identify those applicants who are likely to be successful evaluation professionals. Specifically, the program seeks to attract applicants who have:

  1. A demonstrated commitment to social change and betterment through effective programs and other interventions, and
  2. An academic and/or professional background that indicates the ability to successfully complete the program. Acceptance to the program is based on a composite of the applicant’s scholastic record, any standardized test scores, letters of reference, and personal statement. Relevant work experience may also be taken into consideration. Admission is selective and competitive based on the number of well-qualified applicants and the limits of available faculty and facilities.

University policy on admissions: Admission to the graduate program is competitive. Those who meet stated requirements are not guaranteed admission, nor are those who fail to meet all of those requirements necessarily precluded from admission if they offer other appropriate strengths. Applicants for the Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Evaluation Science will apply to the Graduate College. At the time of application, applicants will specify their preferred concentration area, as well as first and second alternative concentration areas. These alternate concentration areas will be used if the preferred concentration area is full. The specific criteria for GPA and test scores are:

  • Applicants should have an overall undergraduate Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher (on a scale of 4.0 = A), however all applications will be considered.
  • Subject GRE scores are not required.
  • If English is not an applicant’s first language, then the applicant must demonstrate a satisfactory command of English. The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or TOEFL Essentials is required of all foreign applicants. If TOEFL scores are submitted, a minimum score of 600 (paper-based test), 250 (computer-based test), or 100 (TOEFL iBT) is required for consideration for admission. If TOEFL Essentials scores are submitted, a minimum score 10.5 is required for consideration for admission.


Prior Degree Requirements

Applicants must have a minimum of a baccalaureate degree. Evaluation is an interdisciplinary field, so the discipline in which the applicant received his or her degree is not necessarily a decisive factor in admissions.


Application Deadlines

Students may apply at any time; applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


Admission Categories

Both part-time and full-time students will be admitted. Admissions and course requirements are the same for part- and full-time students.

UD Undergraduates:

Undergraduate students in good standing at UD who are recommended by their department may apply to the program waiving the second recommendation letter and the application fee.

Group Programs:

Organizations may work with the Graduate College to create a partnership application to the program that includes a group of individuals. The Graduate College will consider these agreements on an individual basis.

Other Documents Required

  • Applicants must submit a written statement of the reasons for their interest in evaluation, their motivation to pursue a graduate degree, and their professional goals and objectives.
  • Applicants must provide letters of recommendation from two (2) people familiar with the candidate’s academic record and/or professional achievement.