Student affairs committee

The University of Delaware’s School of Nursing Student Affairs Committee (SAC) reviews and makes decisions about student appeals concerning curricular requirements and progression, at both the Undergraduate and Graduate level.

You can find complete instructions for submitting a SAC appeal, the Appeal form, and information on how to initiate a course substitution in the below links. For further information please contact the Academic Advisor, Zachary Jackson.

  • Instructions for submitting an appeal:
    • Your appeal should consist of 4 things: 1. An explanation of exactly what your appeal request is for, 2. An explanation of the extenuating circumstances that led to your appeal, 3. An explanation of what proactive measures will be put in place to support your success in the future, and 4. Documentation of any extenuating factors.
    • This appeal should then be sent to your academic advisor for review.
  • Undergraduate SAC Appeal Form 
  • Graduate SAC Appeal Form
  • Course Substitution Procedure

Note: SAC does not entertain grade grievances addressed under the University grade grievance policy.


Here are some helpful links as you plan your courses and progression through the nursing program: