Clinical Practices

Clinical Affiliate Orientation 

Each laboratory will provide the students with an orientation to its facility. The orientation will include:

  • Review of written course objectives
  • Professional performance expectations and grading policies
  • Clinical Practicum Schedule including daily work hours
  • Overview of department structure and laboratory organization
  • Safety regulations and policies
  • Protocol for reporting results
  • Contribution to laboratory services
  • Introduction to personnel

Students must complete a Senior Clinical Practicum Orientation Checklist for each affiliate orientation


Laboratory Safety Regulations

Students must adhere to the safety policies of each affiliate at all times.
See the University of Delaware Post Exposure Evaluation and Follow-up procedure.


Contribution to Laboratory Services

After demonstrating proficiency, students with qualified supervision, may be permitted to perform procedures on patient specimens. Each facility has established criteria for students’ readiness to contribute to laboratory services (reviewed with the student during orientation). When the student has met these criteria, he/she may initial report slips with the co-signature of the instructor. Under no circumstances will the student be responsible for laboratory testing, reporting or department coverage without some level of supervision.