Soil And Water Quality Analytical Laboratory

Soil and Water Quality Laboratory


The Entomology & Wildlife Ecology Department (ENWC)’s Soil and Water Quality Laboratory is an analytical laboratory that primarily supports the research projects of department personnel and other University researchers. We also work with community groups on water quality issues. 


The lab performs standard soil and water quality analyses as well as specialized analyses for specific projects. The types of samples the lab processes include groundwater: ground water; surface water; wastewater; soils from crop fields, wastewater spray fields, and animal waste lagoons; poultry, swine and other agricultural manures; and biomass. The routine tests performed include: acidity, alkalinity, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), dissolved oxygen (DO), chlorophyll a / phenophytin a, conductivity, salinity, pH, inorganic nitrogen (NH4-N and NO3-NO2-N), total dissolved solids, total suspended solids, volatile dissolved solids, volatile suspended solids, chloride, chemical oxygen demand (COD), ferrous iron, hardness, ortho and total phosphorous, Total Kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN), coliform bacteria (total, fecal, Enterococcus), and turbidity.

We specialize in difficult matrices. We can also work with individual researchers to develop methods for compounds of interest. Please contact Dr. Chirnside to discuss lab capabilities. We have had experience in pesticide analyses, algal assays, and bacteria identification.

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The UD WATER initiative is synergistic with a goal of the University’s Path to Prominence strategic plan to become a Green Campus.

Progam contact

Dr. Anastasia Chirnside

Assistant Professor of Wildlife Ecology