Diamond Clover Award

Diamond Clover Award 


The Diamond Clover 4-H Award Program consists of six levels that each require a 4-Her to plan and accomplish a broad range of age-appropriate tasks, acquiring valuable life skills as they progress. The Diamond Clover is designed to enable every 4-H member willing to exert the effort, regardless of how they are engaged in 4-H, to be successful. This award is a new form of recognition and is not intended as a replacement for existing awards. 

Diamond Clover Award Rubric Levels

Recipients of the 4-H Diamond Clover Award:

Sarah Bell – Sussex County – 2014

Ashley Conroe – Sussex County – 2014

Mikayla Ockels – Sussex County – 2014

Holly Anderson – Sussex County – 2015

Spring Vasey – Kent County – 2018

Hannah O’Hara– Kent County – 2018

Garrett Geidel– Kent County- 2018