Up for the Challenge

Delaware 4-H campers picking vegetables

Are you Up for the Challenge?

Delaware 4H Youth Development has been actively reaching schools and youth programs across the state of Delaware to get Delaware youth healthy, pumped, and Up for the Challenge! Up for the Challenge, targeted toward youth in grades 4th-9th, has been taking off across elementary, middle, and high schools, to spread nutritional and fitness knowledge.

The program, generally taught in a classroom setting, emphasizes the positive impact daily nutritional habits and exercise frequency can have on our lives. Each group of youth is taught a curriculum based on the MyPlate recommendations of the five food groups, healthy dietary choices, and the three types of exercise; strength, cardio, and flexibility. Throughout the courses the youth involved begin to feel empowered in making healthy nutrition and fitness decisions in their day to day lives.

Educators lead nutritional lessons as well as fun group fitness that include a range of activities from stretching, flexibility, and mindfulness, to muscular strength building exercises. The curriculum strongly encourages the reflection of youth on their own habits. This generates a lot of feedback and conversation from the youth, making the lesson entertaining and interactive for both the instructor and participants!

So, why should you be Up for the Challenge?

Up for the Challenge is a rewarding and fun experience to give back to the youth in our community! This program allows for youth to really get involved by including activities that push youth to reflect and recall their own habits. It encourages youth sharing of ideas pertaining to personal nutrition and fitness experiences. Many activities included in the curriculum encourage children to think critically about their health choices and how to make better ones in the future. A curriculum is in place to guide you, but educators have fun putting their own unique spin on the educational activities and nutritional lessons throughout the curriculum! Educators also get to know their students over the brief courses, and feel rewarded after knowing they have made a positive impact in empowering youth to make healthy choices.

Delaware Up for the Challenge

How can you get involved?

If you are interested in becoming part of the Up for the Challenge teaching team please contact Alyssa Whittaker at asaienni@udel.edu.  We plan on holding future Train the Trainer sessions, dates TBD. Please inquire for more information.