Delaware SNAP-Education Program

The Supplemental Nutrition Program (SNAP) is the largest program in the domestic hunger safety net. The primary purpose of SNAP is to prevent the debilitating effects of hunger by providing nutrition assistance to millions of eligible individuals and families. The Supplemental Nutrition Program – Education (SNAP-Ed) is a research-based federal nutrition education and obesity prevention program.

In Delaware, the University of Delaware is the lead organization for SNAP-Ed. Working with partners across the state, the goal is to provide individuals and families with access to opportunities for healthy foods, and education about healthy behaviors.

Individual or family

If you or a family member want to learn more about getting healthy in your community, check out the links and contact information below.

This information will be updated in the near future.

Community partners

If you are interested in teaching your students, clients, congregation, or general community about healthy living, we have many options for you. The list below will give you an overview of the programs University of Delaware and other community partners offer, who should attend, and who to contact if you would like more information.