Mindful Movement Series

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The Mindful Movement Series is an interactive group-based stress management program through University of Delaware Cooperative Extension.

We offer two stand-alone courses or a five-session sequence series with two different levels of workshops, one for 10- to 18-year-olds and another for adults 18 and up. We aim to have two of our trainers present at each session. Fitness mats are provided for your session.

Each session has a different theme or focus but includes education on how-to and the benefits as well as guided practice withmind-body connection, strength and flexibility postures, breathing technique, formal meditation and real life application activities that we call MITs (Mindfulness Immersion Techniques).


  • One 45 minute workshop: $50.00
  • One hour workshop: $75.00
  • Five Session Series: $350.00


  • Group request must be for a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 30. **Unless a special request has been submitted.**
    • We prefer all participants to be within the same level age group unless otherwise requested.
  • Adequate venue for participants to have space to move around and lay down.
  • If this is a staff/professional development course, please let us know so we can tailor the course for your organization.


  • Stand Alone Workshops
    • Experience Mindfulness: Physical Emphasis
    • Experience Mindfulness: Mental Emphasis

The Series – While we highly recommend that the series be given in this five session sequence, the courses have been designed that any of these topic workshops can also be provided on their own.

  1. Goal Setting & Intentions
  2. Awareness & Attention
  3. Self-care Through Stress-Reduction & Relaxation
  4. Communication & Relationships
  5. Gratitude & Acceptance

Contacts For Booking

Breanna Banks

Sarah Bercaw