Build a home to protect our pollinators!

The public's interest in pollinator health and growing pollinator-friendly flowers, plants, shrubs and trees is an encouraging and most welcomed sign! Both novice and experienced gardeners and every level in between, are raising their hands to help our pollinator populations thrive. You are asking how to encourage and ensure an active pollinator garden. No matter the size of your garden, be it a container on a balcony or a modest section of your lawn, adding the right plant to attract the right pollinator is an important selection. 

For the kids!

Select a coloring page below to download, color and learn a bit about pollinators! 



Explore these resources to learn more about planting for pollinators!

Video: MG Minute Pollinator Garden:

Master Gardener Linda Peters shares her favorite plants to attract pollinators!

Video: Landscaping with Native Plants by Terry Plummer:

Landscaping with Native Plants by Terry Plummer.

Video: Lawn and Garden Playlist:

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