Water Conservation

If your landscape includes lawn, trees and shrubs, you are aware of how dependent plants are on water to survive and remain healthy and attractive.  It is not uncommon for residents of Delaware to be asked to restrict their water usage during periods of summer drought. The effect of that lack of water to lawns and other plants is apparent. Unfortunately, with increased land development and only a limited supply of usable water, restricted water usage could become a way of life. Everyone must participate in better water conservation practices both indoors and out.  In addition to the quick tips listed below, the resources listed here will help you to change or adapt landscape practices to better conserve water.

  • Select drought-tolerant plants.
  • Use compost and mulch.
  • Reduce supplemental watering.
  • Trap localized storm water on site with rain barrels and rain gardens.
  •  Install water efficient irrigation systems.
  • Water newly-planted trees with gator bags or a similar system that allows water to soak into soil slowly.
  • Track natural rain fall with a rain gauge and then supplement when necessary.  During the growing season, plants need approximately 1” of water per week.
  • Allow established lawn areas to go dormant during dry periods.
  • If hand watering, do so properly.  Water slowly and deeply.