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A Diverse Campus




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Committed to Diversity
About Diversity at Delaware

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"" Commitment
to Diversity
"" Diversity Task Force Final Report
February 10, 2009
Diversity Task Force Report (pdf)

The Office of Affirmative Action and Multicultural Programs welcomes you to the University of Delaware. We are honored to be the office designated to lead the University in its commitment to diversity. Our commitment is long-standing. The Office of Affirmative Action was established in 1972 and was followed shortly thereafter by the creation of a Minority Affairs Board and the Center for Black Culture. Over the decades, the University's commitment to diversity has expanded and become more and more inclusive.

Many changes have occurred at the University of Delaware. The student body, faculty and staff have become more and more diverse. We are proud that many of our faculty are members of the following underrepresented groups: women, African Americans, Asians, Latinos, and Native Americans. Our student body is more and more diverse, too.

The University of Delaware has made significant progress in its commitment to diversity. We have already mentioned the diversity of our students, faculty, and staff. Years ago, our faculty senate adopted a resolution that stated our commitment to treating everyone with respect and dignity. Student organizations, university academic, administrative and service units all accept our commitment. We are very proud of our accomplishments.

University of Delaware undergraduate students of all backgrounds come to this community and achieve. Particularly, African American and Latino students succeed academically, and their graduation rates approach parity with other students. To celebrate their accomplishments, the University honors African American and Latino students of distinction who have achieved a 3.0 or higher cumulative grade point index. Students so honored typically comprise 15 to 30 percent of the University's underrepresented students. A great part of that success is attributed to the academic support services offered free on our campus.

Image of Diversity
UD's Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate
Achievement Program
prepares students from diverse
and disadvantaged backgrounds for doctoral study.

Some of the student organizations that contribute significantly toward making our campus welcoming are the Cultural Programming Advisory Board, HOLA (the Latino student organization), HAVEN (the lesbian, gay, bisexual student group), SAGE (students acting for gender equality), and the Each One Reach One Mentoring Program. Those organizations assist us in enhancing our community both on and off campus as student groups provide outreach services to a wide variety of Delawareans. Under the aegis of the Commission to Promote Racial and Cultural Diversity, employees work collectively to enhance diversity and to increase the level of comfort for everyone on our campus. Students, faculty, and staff also provide effective programs such as lectures, workshops, and concerts that serve as another means of enriching our environment.

As part of our commitment, we offer diversity education workshops throughout our campus. We are pleased that faculty sometimes include our university diversity workshop as part of a course requirement.

The University of Delaware offers a fine academic, emotional, spiritual, and social support system for its students. We welcome you and pledge our support to you.


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""Pre-College Multicultural Academic Programs

A four-week residential program to increase the participation of minorities in engineering and other science professions.

""Summer College
A five-week residential summer school program for academically motivated high school sophomores and juniors.

""UD Online High School Partnership Program
This program enables high schools to offer qualified students the valuable opportunity of earning college credits through distance learning courses during their junior and senior years.

""Governor's School for Excellence
This is a one-week summer residential program that brings together academically and artistically talented Delaware high school students who have completed their sophomore year.

""Upward Bound Program
A pre-college TRIO program for high school students who reside in New Castle County, Delaware.

""Upward Bound Math/Science Program
A pre-college TRIO program for eligible students from Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, with an emphasis in the fields of math and science.


""Multicultural Academic Programs

The following programs at the University of Delaware contribute to the retention and success of our minority students:

""Academic Enrichment Center
Read about our collection of undergraduate and pre-college programs, services and activities designed to assist our minority students on the path to academic success and rewarding careers.

Encourages minority students to pursue a career in teaching.

""Excel Program
Support services for minority students who are majoring in accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, or operations management.

To prepare and empower low-income, first generation college students and underrepresented students (of African American, Latino, and Native American descent) for doctoral study so that they complete a B.A., enroll in graduate school, and attain a doctoral degree.

To recruit, retain and graduate academically talented minority students majoring in chemistry, biochemistry, and biological sciences.

To identify academically talented minority students and to provide a supportive atmosphere to enhance their success in attaining an engineering degree.

""Multicultural Student Organizations

The following multicultural organizations are among the 200 registered student organizations on the UD campus. They are supervised by Activities & Programs, the Center for Black Culture, Graduate Studies, Residence Life, and Recreation Services.

""Registered Student Organizations

UD has over 200 student organizations on campus. They are supervised by Activities & Programs, the Center for Black Culture, Graduate Studies, Residence Life, and Recreation Services. Through these diverse organizations, you can participate in a wide range of activities.