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8:30 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 23, 1999, The Bob

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5,000-plus enthusiastic Blue Hen fans!


65 inches


103 pounds


The new hen in town, Baby Blue joins older sibling YoUDee as an official Fightin' Blue Hen mascot at the University of Delaware. Like any blue-blooded chick, Baby Blue traces its lineage back to the Revolutionary War, when the first blue hens developed their reputation for courage and ferocity in battle -- traits seen today in the fighting spirit of UD athletic teams.


Baby Blue is YoUDee's younger sibling. Their great-great-great-grandfather, Col. George W. YoUDee, distinguished himself in the Revolutionary War and was cited for bravery in battle. Capt. John Caldwell, commenting after the Battle of Trenton, said, "There's no yellow streak in that chicken. He's blue to the bone." Col. YoUDee was given a gold medal of valor, so blue and yellow-gold now serve as their official family colors.


Like any newly hatched chick, Baby Blue is learning to shake its 24-inch tail feathers and perfect its strut in 13EEE Air YoUDees.


Baby Blue was created by Tom Sapp of Real Characters Inc. in Atlanta. He also created YoUDee.


Keith Bailey of Real Characters Productions Inc. built the three-dimensional mascot using Scott foam, Antron fleece, medical-quality plastics and a variety of other special materials.