What is going on with field trips:

Field trips are one of the most exciting features of the Winterthur Program. Faculty members organize day-long field trips and four required, extended trips to London, the South, New England, and New York City. We also sponsor trips to see important exhibitions and collections, study professional practices and methods, and supplement classroom teaching. These trips include a trip to Colonial Williamsburg that is part of the Early American Craftsmanship class, and trips to see collections for the class on Decorative Arts and Design, 1860-Present.

The following information, much of it visual, was generated with the help of the fellows. We have included the pamphlet they produced to the 2010 trip to England, a blog they wrote on their trip to the South, and numerous images to give readers a sense of what Fellows see and do.

A sampling of optional or course-related trips



Winterthur Program in American Material Culture
Phone booths in London

The Class of 2010 packs two London phone booths, just for fun (especially since 8 Fellows could not fit into one!)