Image 1: Tour of H. Blairman & Sons Antiques led by proprietor Martin Levy, London, February 2009.

Image 2: Gardens at Hampton Court Palace, 2009.

Image 3: Outside of St. Peter’s Church in Hammersmith, February 2009.

Image 4: A contemporary sculpture of Christ Church, Spitalsfields, encountered during a tour of London Parish Church (c. 1620-1730) with Peter Guillery, senior investigator for English Heritage, January 2008.

Image 5: Workshop at Blythe House on upholstered furniture and beds from 1700-1850 with Frances Collard and Lucy Wood, curators of Furniture, Textiles and Fashion, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, February 2009.

Image 6: Tour of the newly installed British Galleries, Victoria & Albert Museum, London with Glenn Adamson, Deputy Head of Research and Graduate Studies, January 2009.



Winterthur Program in American Material Culture